Thursday, October 2, 2008

20 week appt and BIG WHINE POST AHEAD

Feel free to skip this post. I had my 20 week ob appt and my ob agrees with my peri. Except he changed it to I am very high risk for pe instead of you will get sick like my peri said. He's an optimist. Guess that's why I like him as a doc. My peri recommended in her report that I get the pe labs done for the second trimester. I have to do a 24 hour urine this week (FUN). Oh and she slipped in a 3 hour GTT and did NOT tell me about it. Neither did my ob till he brought me my lab slips. I actually said oh man are you kidding me? I have NEVER been diabetic! It's the one thing that is good. I have to sit at the lab for the WHOLE three hours. I always almost pass out from just the regular one hour one and it makes me sick as a dog!!!! He said he was afraid that yes I have to do it but I can take my new wireless laptop to the lab with me. I said they don't have wireless. Grrr. Basically I have to stay on top of my bps. If they go over 95, I have to call about it. My peri recommended bp surveillence in the office, however he said that I know about bps and was really good about keeping an eye on them and that he is ok with letting me do that at home. I was to CALL if they are over 95 (do go ahead and kick me in the butt if I need it guys). He said there are some patients that he worried about, but I was not one of them (he would have hated me as a patient when I was pregnant with Kirsten). He said the uterine doppler was for pe and not pe and pih. So basically means pe. I asked how long he keeps people on mag and he said 48 hours after delivery. I told him fine as long as he gives me zofran for the puking (I puked the entire time while on it with Kirsten). I told him I figured I wasn't getting out of mag anyway after he got Kirsten's records based on his reaction to them. I asked him if I was on mag did I have to go to the ICU like with Kirsten (well it was an ICU room on L&D). He said no not unless I have bad hemodynamic changes? I'm guessing that means crappy bloodwork. He can't tell me if it will be as bad as it was with Kirsten. He went over what the peri told me. She'll see me at 28 weeks, then every two weeks till 32 weeks and then weekly till delivery. Her goal was 35 weeks. I'll be doing non stress tests each week in the peri's office as well. At the peri visits, she'll be doing the growth USs, doppler blood flow studies, NSTs, and BPPs. Of course the obligatory bp check. As far as all of these braxton hicks contractions I keep having. As long as they are not in a pattern or don't hurt they are ok. Just get off my feet when I have them. I am to call if they are continuing on rest, they hurt, or have a pattern to them. We talked about leave and they know I have enough leave to go out whenever I need to. So that was it. See you in 4 weeks. Ugh, 3 hour GTT will be in 4 weeks and they only do it during the week. Not a happy camper! I'm glad they are being proactive and aggressive, but I just have to say it stinks. I am thinking it is not really fair either. It is what it is and it would be worse to not have drs watching me and everything. It just stinks.

I am going to hate hearing from certain people I told you so. Because SOME people in my family will LOVE to rub it in and say see I told you so. I'm sorry, NO ONE deserves pe ever. I have so many thoughts. I mean I have kind of made my peace with PE. It's just the way it is for me and my body. My body HATES pregnancy. I am just not one of those lucky people that have the carefree pregnancy.

I have made my peace with mag. I hate mag. It is a necessary evil. Yes it is awful. BUT, it will save your life. So as awful as it is you just have to deal with 2 awful days of it and then you feel much better afterwards. I mean how can you not when it makes you feel so bad.

I just worry about A) me being ok B) Baby being ok and not in the NICU C) my dh and girls. When I had severe pe before, it was really really bad. It was just me and dh. We didn't have kids then. I just don't want to hear I told you so from anyone. I don't think there was ANYTHING wrong with trying for another child even with my history. Because before even getting pregnant, my chances were 25-40% for pe again. That means 60-75% chance for everything to be ok. Those are good odds. I just drew the unlucky straw.

The good news is that I have good drs this time. They are all over this like white on rice. I know that they will take care of me (at least I hope so). I know so much more about what to look for and what to call for.

I need to take this ONE day at a time !!!

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