Thursday, October 16, 2008

22 week 6 day OB appt and ER FU

Well first off good news and bad news. Bad news my bp sucks right now. I have hit 100 diastolic a couple of times and my ob was not happy with my pressures. They have been mostly in the 90s diastolic with a few normal ones. He was not sure if it had to do with the infection I had over the weekend or if they were up. I told him my pressures were labile the week before and that usually means it is only a matter of time. (wow did I say that???). He didn't say anything. I think I kind of shocked him a bit on that one. He said he could increase the meds, but really did not want to do that at this point. I agree with this. I said I can work from home full time with a medical note or go out on leave. He left the choice to me. I chose work at home full time. This way I can work on the couch and keep my feet up (did that today and stayed on the couch and bp was 120/88). Why use up all of my leave now. The less leave I use, the more time after baby is born I have. :) I like that he is giving me a voice. It makes me feel like I have some control in a disease that is uncontrollable. I have to admit I am very worried about this little one. I know that preeclampsia can turn in hours/minutes. So I wonder how long I have. This week I started having trace protein and I had trace protein in the office. I will be doing a 24 hr urine early next week. I'm waiting for the Augmentin to stop killing my stomach.

Other news, baby is very high up. Even my ob said so. He went to measure my stomach and I said she is high up and he said yes she is. Her heartbeat was great. So everything with baby is ok. Oh and with my bp, he said he expects that they will start dropping soon. If they don't drop or if they go even higher like hitting a 100 like they did on Saturday, I am to call. It seems as long as I stay couch bound, I am ok. Up moving and cleaning, and up they go. :( I'm sure my boss will freak tomorrow. Don't care anymore. If he gives me crap, then I am heading straight to EEO. Called old boss this morning and she about died when I told her. I mean if she can do full time WAH for retirement, I can do it for medical. My ob wrote for pregnancy induced hypertension. YIKES. Oh and it looks like I am on biweekly appts starting now. He told me to keep my next appt. He was going to go 4 weeks and then he said no. See you in 2. WOW. I am getting closer. I am trying to wrap my brain around having a new baby in a few months. She better still be a girl!!!

Oh and my inlaws. Ugggh, they just don't understand. Saw the urologist on Tuesday. Keep doing what I am doing. I did all of the right things this weekend. Drink lots of fluids and keep taking cranberry supplements. If I get pain, go immediately to the ER to rule out a blockage. I complained that they are going to know me on a first name basis in the ER. She said I could go a hundred times and everything is fine. If it is the one time that I went. Well. You know. This time I had some funky bacteria that was resistant to everything. I found out if I had had a fever, I would have been admitted. Scary stuff. So I am glad that I went. My inlaws think I am being a big baby about this. Maybe. My mil said I had gone to the ER too much. However, there is no way to tell if it there is a blockage from the stone unless I go and get a renal US. My ob and urologist have told me to go! What if I had not of gone this weekend? What if we lost another baby to a severe infection? It's bad enough I had to have iv antibiotics and 875mg Augmentin 2 xs a day. They don't give that for a cold. So I have to ignore them and just do what the drs that went to med school say. WHO really cares for what mil says. Oh yeah, she is going on and on about her knee surgery coming up and how she will be an invalid. I had knee surgery and was up and around THAT day a few hours after surgery. Mine was pretty invasive. I was walking without crutches in a week (which gave my orthopedist a heart attack and having him ask me nicely to please use them for another oh 6-8 weeks). So I just have to ignore her.

So keep the prayers coming.

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Sarah said...

How are you doing??? It's been over a week since you blogged, I am starting to worry about you. Hope you are just busy :)