Monday, October 13, 2008

What a weekend!!!

So last you guys heard I had been in the ER Thursday night/Friday morning because of kidney stone flareup. WRONG. Yesterday morning I got a call saying that my beautiful clean urine on the strip grew something in the lab. I can't remember the name of it, but it didn't sound good. She asked if they put me on antibiotics. Um no. She said the ER dr wanted to call in Bactrim, but that hasn't worked in the past for me. I couldn't remember the antibiotic that my ob put me on before. I told the nurse that I had to call my ob's office in the morning first thing, I could find out what it is and have them call it in for me. So even though I didn't have "the traditional UTI symptoms" (do I ever), I still had bad back, flank and stomach pain. I felt blah and literally slept the weekend away. Sunday night, all of a sudden I got sick. Nausea, bad nausea. I took Reglan and pepcid and it did not help. I felt like I had the flu. It dawned on me, that these were the symptoms the urologist gave me to get my hiney back to the ER. Since I am one of those that gets a kidney infection and blows it off till it is really bad.

So back to the ER. They were ready for me, HOORAY. Labs pulled from Friday morning and everything. Then I saw who the dr was. I thought, oh no. She was the one that told me that I did not look like I had a kidney stone in June because I did look like I was in enough pain. Great. Except one thing. She's pregnant too and due the same day as me! Go figure. So she says I know you. I said yeah kidney stone in June that two urologists say needs surgery to come out. Viola pain meds ordered, Thank God because I was really hurting by that point. I think she remembered she told me that I did not look in that much pain and was like oh crap, she really did have a stone. She was ms excellent doc. She ordered an iv right away and iv antibiotics. It was clear this was now a kidney infection and I am guessing serious at that. Seeing I had the urine run on Thursday night and it is now 3 nights later and I was on no antibiotics. I was there seriously trying to hold my puke back. I was more worried about getting zofran than a pain med cause I hate puking. That's what I asked for. lol. So iv started. Antibiotics hung (it was antibiotic night last night as several of us were getting them, Friday morning was pain med night).

So they reran labs, reran my urine culture, got the zofran, nubain, antibiotics, and another bag of fluids, which made me pee constantly (finally peeing again). They called my urologist who called me this morning and made room into the schedule for me tomorrow. They also called my ob (wasn't sure why as this was a medical problem). I heard her keep telling him that I had cultured out urine from 3 days ago. Yes my urine was clean on the strip but I was presenting with kidney infection symptoms (uh yeah, she did the pound on the back thing and it hurt like hell). She told him I was not running a fever. She came back and said that my ob gave the ok for me to be released. Still confused about that one. I feel terrible that she called him at home and woke him up at 1am. I said you called him at 1am and woke him up? She said yep. I said oh I feel terrible. She said oh well he'll get over it. Yikes. Glad I am not a dr. I was released on drink lots of fluids and 875mg of Augmentin 2 x's a day for 10 days. YIKES. That's a lot of antibiotics. Secretly I am relieved and glad they prescribed all of those antibiotics. We lost a baby to a kidney infection that was severe. I just can't do that again. I have been worried sick about this baby because of it. They assure me this will take care of it. I didn't even have to say that we lost a baby to this before. They just ordered it all up. Thank goodness.

So I came home and crashed and slept and slept. At 1030 am my urologist called. I have to be in their office at 10 am tomorrow morning. They asked me when I could come in and penciled me in. I called my ob's office and made an appt because my ob said I was to be in the office this week. I wasn't expecting to be in there till 30 October. So I have an appt on Thursday. Oh and did I mention my bp SUCKS EGGS. Yeah, I faxed those in. Hope I get no calls tomorrow to get my hiney down there. I just have been hanging out on my left side. This afternoon was 136/96, then 125/90 after a relaxing warm bath tonight.

Oh and if I start running a fever, I have to go back to the ER immediately again. Fabulous. I'm starting to get to know the crew.

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