Sunday, August 3, 2008

Work Rant

I HATE WORKING OT. So I log on today to supposedly fill in a few clauses. THE WHOLE DAMN CONTRACT HAS TO BE REWRITTEN. I don't have time for this. Explain to me how coworker is the same grade as me, almost certified, was a supervisor in her previous job, but can't do a contract. There were duplicate clauses. Many clauses in wrong sections. Just plain freaking wrong information. I deleted a lot of clauses. Went to check our bible the FAR and started rearranging clauses. Something that was SUPPOSED to be easy is just completely wrong. Seeing project management feels it is NOT their jobs to give us the right local sections, well, I fixed that too. I did the we need your help deal. Basically said this is NOT going out till we get what we need and invited him to come to my office to discuss it further should he need to. I refuse, refuse, refuse to write specifications for project managers. So if I am rewriting all of their specifications, what the hell are they doing? They have student aides farting around upstairs all day that can get paid $11 an hour to type.

Coworker is not off of my list either. She did not pay attention to what she was doing. She did not check her clauses. She did not do her job. Sorry, but you need to buckle up. On top of that she lied to me and the Chief. How do I know this? I thought something was up when she was typing for two days (typing the PM's specs!!! Which she typed wrong). She said that the Chief was making her type all of this. I thought HMMM. That doesn't sound like our boss. She can be eccentric a lot of times, but she would NOT do that to an employee. So I pulled the both of them together. Coworker hemmed and hawed. Chief said she showed me 2-3 paragraphs that needed to be typed. You know me, I would NEVER have approved her typing the whole package. I believe the Chief. We had just kicked back 3 other packages for the same thing. Coworker left on vacation. We do NOT need someone like two of the people that just left this office. I see that I am going to be inspecting a lot of packages that come out from now on.

Fortunately, new boss is YOUNG. That means a new way of thinking. More like he thinks like me. :) He is looking to streamline operations and make things easier. Not sure how he is going to handle project managers doing their jobs. I think he has bitten off more than he can chew. However, he knows computers. He learns fast. If he doesn't know something, he looks it up. A nice refreshing change.

We are suppposedly getting 2 new interns. We are getting a new specialist that has already been labeled an asshole by my boss. Fabulous. I think my ob just needs to put me out on full time work at home now please. Oh and my old boss told me Friday that she is going out as of 1 November. She is turning in all of her work ids/keys/etc. She is going to have elective cosmetic surgery. Her surgeon has agreed to extend her sick time recovery. When that is done, her pcp is taking her out due to stress.

I sometimes wonder if I made the wrong decison by turning down other agency. Of course, I had everything worked out just right. if it had all worked out, I would have a baby by now. Hmm, funny how fate changes things. I would have never have predicted all of these changes. I am not a person that deals with this type of change thing.

Ok, rant over. I just quit working on it and decided to leave it till tomorrow morning. I'll need to talk with current boss. We will need to give new coworker some additional training. UGH.

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