Saturday, August 9, 2008

13 weeks 1 day

I am STILL pregnant!!! Hooray!!!!! Checked for the HB yesterday, but baby was not cooperating. Then checked this morning after eating and I got it right away. 156bpm. My ob was probably not the happiest doc on the block when I told him I bought a doppler off ebay. However, it was I buy a doppler or bug him everyday to check for a heartbeat. Which do you think he would prefer? Especially at this time period when we lost our last baby. I can't go 4 weeks without a heartbeat check. I would be terrified of a missed MC. So I bought one. You know what, I don't regret it for ONE second. It has brought so much peace and relieves my anxiety. If it does that, who cares what anyone thinks. So I was a little worried last night when I couldn't find it because it was the day they said the last one passed. This morning after breakfast, I found it. Hooray!!! My next US is not scheduled till 9/18, unless my ob can't get the HB again. Then he'll drag out the machine. I told him the machine gets alot of use off me last time. He didn't say anything. He was kind of cranky. Makes me want to check the paper to see if there were any early morning deliveries that morning.

I am so looking forward to our trip. Can't book till payday, but oh well. That's only next Thursday!!! For 4 nights, 5 days in sunny Charleston to fly and get an ocean front room with breakfast, it will be $1900. Not bad if you ask me. Prices keep dropping too every week. I just hope we can book in time to get a good flight and hotel room. This week has drug by though let me tell you. It seems forever between 12 and 14 weeks.

Today I think I am going to try and celebrate. I think I am going to try and call my inlaws and see if they will take the girls for a couple of hours so I can have some me time. I want to see the new Batman movie and get a pedicure to celebrate. Whatcha think?

Now if we can get the settlement finished, life would be perfect.

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