Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today is a WONDERFUL day!!!

What can I say, but thank goodness for a very healthy active baby. My morning started off bad. I was working from home. Work started updating my laptop remotely. Well they KILLED it. I couldn't do anything. OH well, I didn't feel like working anyway!!!! Had my appt with my ob at 10 am. First walked in and the overwhelming smell of carpet hit me. ICK. I hate carpet smell. Not to mention it usually gives me a bad headache. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long. I was called back fairly quick. First off weigh in. Hate this. I gained ZERO pounds. HMMMM. I'm eating icecream every day and not gaining an ounce?? Then bp, which is sucking even though I laid down for an hour before my appt on my left side. 130/90. ICK. Ob comes in and says pressures are not awful - yeah they arn't great either. 90s now on the bottom. I am not used to that!!!!

So he let me put my input in. We can either go with a day of work at home or increase med. I said do both. Because rest is not helping. Work is stressing me out. As much as I hate it, meds need to be increased. He really didn't want to change or add meds at this point. So we are hoping this buys us a lot more time. Say oh 40 weeks!

Then he did the doppler. Ugh, no heartbeat again. I told him I had bought one and gotten it a couple of times. However, it was really hard. He checked forever. The longer he checked. The more I started freaking out. Sorry but a heartbeat can stop at ANY time. Anyone who has had a loss KNOWS this. He finally pulled the US out and right away a beating heart. Thank goodness. An alien baby was there and not a blob. Hooray, we have graduated from blob hood. Baby had a heartbeat, but was not moving. He said it's ok. It's probably sleeping and they sleep 30-45 minutes at this age at a time. Heartbeat was 140-145.

I asked him about my trip home. I was REALLY REALLY worried when I asked him he would say no. He said it depended on where I was going, how I was going, and how long I was going to be gone. I said Charleston, SC. He said and how are you going? I said flying. I can't handle a 16 hour drive and it would be cheaper to fly. Told him my cousin was getting married. He said it was ok as long as I got up and walked to prevent blood clots on the plane. Take it easy while I am there. I told him that peri's med school was there that she graduated from. He said maybe you can get a tour of almar mater. Umm, nope I have NO intentions of going there!!! If there is a problem they can call him and get whatever is needed. WHEW. Next appt is on 9/4.

Then off to the peri, where we have a perfectly normal healthy active baby. NT scan was EXCELLENT. Could not have asked for better numbers. Baby was extremely cooperative and measured dead on for dates. We saw baby waving its hand, sucking its thumb, bouncing up and down. It was AMAZING. We saw the baby's limbs, stomach, spine, head. We already think it has dh's side's nose, poor thing. I was so happy to see a baby that was so active. Our last baby never moved. The times my ob would do an US. He said baby has a heartbeat. That means baby is alive. This time baby was all over the place, like it was happy to see us. All of the worries about the same room and same tech, GONE. I was in a different room and a different tech, thank God!!! I had the same tech that scanned me a lot with Sara. AND she remembered me!!!! Oh and my ob's office FORGOT to send my paperwork, but I asked him for a rx today. So I was covered. They took my paperwork from February. That was an uncomfortable moment to say the least. No one wanted to say hey the baby you lost. The staff was EXCELLENT in dealing with the loss we had. I am fairly certain they changed it around from the room I had the last time to avoid sad times. So everything looked perfect. I go back to see my perinatologist and for an US on 9/18. They will be doing the whole thing with consulation and everything.

Even better news. My lawyer called me today and told me that he had received my settlement check from the insurance company. He estimated costs at $1100 and of course he gets 1/3. He said to expect a check in the mail in a week or so. Since it was an out of state check it will take about 5 business days to clear. HOORAY.

I just can't believe how blessed we have been. This year started off as the worst year of my life. Honestly, in February, I was left wondering how to pick up the pieces. Now we have money, have our bills paid off, and have a beautiful healthy baby coming. All of the people that have been praying for us and a healthy baby, THANK YOU. It appears your prayers are working. Sometimes you really do have to weather the storms to get to the rainbow.

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