Wednesday, November 12, 2008


No one told me that breech babies make you miserable. Especially when they are so high up. Don't get me wrong, I am estatic to still be pregnant. I have been pretty miserable this last week. Contractions that last an hour to 2 hours that are patterned now and HURT. A baby stuck so high up in my ribs with her head that she is compressing them. I was cleaning out my car today of trash and came across my discharge instructions. I have no idea wtf this dr's problem was. Meds - 650mg of Tylenol every 4-6 hours. See I left so mad on Saturday that I didn't even bother to read the paperwork. WTF. Was he serious? Did he not see I was already taking 1000mg of Tylenol every 4 hours ALREADY. Umm, yeah that didn't help. So why would almost HALF the dose work. I am still pissed about that. Return if you have nausea (check), vomiting (check), worse pain (check), and several other things that I was already in there and he did nothing for. I don't usually dog out ER doctors, I am still pretty pissed about Saturday. How about we send him in excruciating pain and jab him with a wand and then tell him that geez, I don't know why that hurt.

It is much better today. I still have intense pain at times in my right ribs. Very scary for this previous PE/HELLP patient. The contractions are sucking big time. I have an ob appt tomorrow so I will find out more then. Why didn't I call the office today? My ob is off on Wednesdays and I was afraid that the midwives would send me to the ER first and then on to L&D for evaluation. Quite frankly, I have had it with the ER. I keep having the words of the urologist in my head. You can go 100 times and it be nothing, if it is the ONE time that it is something, you need to be evaluated. I wish there was an easier way and I am tempted to tell them to take that stupid stone out. Of course, the urologist was right because every time except this last was something that needed to be dealt with urgently.

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