Monday, November 17, 2008

More problems

So since yesterday, I have a headache. I have been taking tylenol around the clock. Like drinking water. Nada. Trace protein yesterday, 1+ this morning. 1+ this afteroon. Then 1+ tonight with 1+ leukocytes and trace blood. Called my ob's office at 3 pm because I felt awful. I felt like I had the flu. My head was pounding. My bp was up. I was nauseated. I had the nose bleed from hell last night. I noticed it bleeding last night. Then I sneezed. Blood went EVERYWHERE. Freaked me out and so much for my shirt. I was more worried about the couch! Luckily all on the shirt and the napkin that I grabbed (which was soaked). It lasted for 40 mins. Twice when I took the pressure off of it because it was backing up, clots came out. It finally stopped after 40 mins. So I called the dr's office this afternoon after still not feeling better. He wasn't in so they had to call him. He ordered me back to bed and Tylenol 3. Dh was gone on a day trip today. So I had to get the girls from school ( all of this with a pounding crushing headache). I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the rx. Then when I left to go get Sara from the pharmacy, guess who pulls behind me. Yep my ob. Great, busted as I was supposed to be in bed, but I had no one to pick up the girls. Go to daycare where I turn off. Go get Sara. Drop off at inlaws where dh is already there. Go home take meds, go to bed. Only I can't sleep because I slept for 4 hours today. So I am now laying on the couch. Typing this laying down. I have my laptop on the ottoman in case you are wondering.

Also tonight I noticed I had leukocytes and blood in my urine. So I called my urologist's office. So now I am wondering if I have an infection and that is why I feel like crap. They call in the urinalysis to the lab. However, any meds will be ordered by my ob. Which is NOT what they told me. The plan was that if I thought I had one they would call in a rx for antibiotics to the pharmacy and have me do a urinalysis for culture. If the culture came back negative they would stop antibiotics. If they came back positive, then I was good. So that is pretty frustrating. I'm going to test in the morning and see if the strip is coming up.

My head feels better now. It is not completely gone.

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Sarah said...

I am praying for you, how are you doing now?