Monday, November 10, 2008

Adam lived without a rib....

Ok, so if Adam could live without a rib to make Eve, I think I can totally give up mine. I am ready to cut my rib out on my right side. Found some relief in the wierdest way on the staircase. No not some wierd thing. I picked up something on the staircase going upstairs. Ours is you go to the first landing (about 12 steps), then their is a step up to a second landing and turn. Then there are about 6 steps up to the second floor. Well it was on this second set of stairs that I tried to pick something up. I had one hand at the top (second floor) while I was on the landing. It was like wow pressure and pain offf. HOORAY. I obviously can't stand on the landing of my stairs all day and night though. It helped. Put both hands at the top, stand on the landing, and stretch a bit.

I have been thinking about how I would feel about a csection if this one doesn't turn. I know they can. Ummm, time is starting to run out here. I am 26 1/2 weeks. Every single US has had her breech.

So back to Adam could live without a rib. So if Adam can live without a rib, can we just go ahead and take out 2-3 of mine? Surgery would be a couple weeks recovery versus 9-14 weeks of pregnancy left.

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Sarah said...

Just to give you a little hope for her turning...When I went in at 27 weeks with Elianna for an OB appointment to relieve some of my extreme fear (that was the gestation I had Bethanie) He did an US. She was head down, next time they checked, I believe at about 36 weeks, she had turned and was then breech. I was scheduled for a repeat c-section and when they went to pull her out the nurse says..."If this baby is breech, that's the hairiest butt I 've ever seen!"...needless to say, she had flipped yet again and I didn't even realize it.