Monday, November 17, 2008

26 Week 6 Day OB Appt

Ok, I am so miserable from the heartburn and rib pain. My poor ob, he just heard me whine about how miserable I am. My bps suck. I am hitting 90s/100 on the bottom. However, he wants me to watch it for another week and call if they don't drop. He'll add in procardia, which neither of us wants. Although procardia will help with the BH. He gave me scripts for heartburn medicine and for the rib pain (Tylenol 3). He didn't have the Er report. So he had a nurse pulling it because he wanted to review my labs and US. He asked what they checked for. I told him blood clots in the lung, gallbladder, and liver. I told him they gave me nothing but a discharge for 650mg of Tylenol. I told him I had taken the leftover Tylenol 3 for the rib pain Saturday night and last night. Tylenol in between. He said that was ok. He said probably gave you some sleep. As for the BH, he is a little worried about those. I didn't get checked (I didn't want to anyway, hate getting naked). He just looked at my log. I am to call if they are in a pattern (which they went into this week) and then if they last longer than 2 hours. If they last longer than 2 hours, then I need to get checked. Drink lots of water and rest rest rest rest rest. I am not on strict bedrest, but he wants me resting as much as possible for bp and the bh. I was telling you know I don't know too much about these, I was induced both times. I don't know what to do with these. Sometimes these stop me in my tracks. This is miserable. He agreed they are miserable. I am to call if they change, get closer together, are in a pattern or last longer than 2 hours. ugggh, I had them off and on all day yesterday. With her being breech, he said we don't really worry about that till 34 weeks. I told him I was convinced that she is staying that way. SHE NEVER MOVES OUT OF MY RIBS. Told him she freaked out the US Tech because her head was by my gallbladder. He said most of them do go head down by 34 weeks. I start my weekly peri appts next week and he was like oh good. Oh and then he asked me about the GTT. I said oh no, you had me do a 3 hour which I was NOT happy about it. I am NOT doing that again. He checked he said that was just 2 weeks ago. He said I did beautifully for it. I asked him if I had to do that again. He said nope. Once you pass it, you pass it. So I was supposed to go back in 2 weeks, however, the office is closed on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday. I guess he is not seeing patients and taking a vacation on the Tuesday before because the receptionist said that he wasn't in that day (the other day he is in the office). So I see him next on 12/2 at 29 1/2 weeks. I guess that works because I see the peri on Fridays and my ob on Tuesdays now. He hadn't checked my report yet when he wrote out the rxs. So he is going to have a look at it later and if he thinks something is off, he will call. I'm bummed about being on even more rest. That just sucks. Dh isn't being very helpful lately as he thinks I am being lazy and says it must be nice.

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