Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am now 18 weeks 3 days. I have no idea how the time is flying by so fast. I wish it would slow down. Right now things are ok. My bps have gone down with rest, 2 days wah, and doubling the meds. I am getting wierd readings like 96/60 or 96/74. Then I also get readings like 119/88. So from one spectrum to another. I am going to print out my log for my peri appt on Thursday and see what she says. Speaking of my appt Thursday, I am anxious, nervous, excited all wrapped up in one. Is that possible? I'm excited to see how much the baby has grown and to find out the gender. I am terrified that something will be wrong. That it is too good to be true. I am nervous to find out what the plan is. DH said to tell my docs that if this one is ok, no more. We are not putting anymore of their kids through college lol. He joked that's why the doctors ok'd us getting pregnant again with our history. Dh has also decreed 2/1 as a NO BABY day. Umm yeah, that will be exactly the day that the baby will come silly. That's because it is Superbowl Sunday. So now he has decried, hmm, ok baby born that morning. Thinking he can take the girls to his parents, I'll be in the hospital with new baby, and he'll be home by himself to watch the superbowl. Um, yeah. Not happening buddy.

So I spilled to a coworker at work that I was preggo today. Lots of people wondering. No one asking except the one nosy coworker. I don't plan to tell her EVER. We have SO many new people at work. I am like the only one that is in the office besides my boss that is old there. My one coworker that has been there since June asked me if I had made the list. I told her no. I was out by a couple of weeks of time in grade. She said no way. I said yep. I am pissed because they made a waiver for R. for education. L was given a position when I was out on maternity leave with Sara. Yet, you claim hands off when it is me. She said that is SO wrong. I said I am done. I am not training any employee. My job description does not call for it. I am and I expect to be treated like anyone else there. I intend to follow my drs advice and go out on leave or fulltime WAH even if everything is going swimingly. I would rather be cautious than too little too late. I have yet decided if my laptop is coming on maternity leave with me. She said she couldn't believe it. She asked me if they were going to reannounce the job and I said I don't think so. I have not discussed anything with future boss nor planned to. I was serious when I said I was done. For years, I have done the crappy jobs that no one wanted to do, the hard stuff that people were too lazy to do, handled the crises, and covered for people. For some reason, current boss has thought it was ok to just crap all over me. It proved it when all of a sudden she decided to not be involved. I feel a lot better since I made that decision. Course the coworker I spilled to is now freaking out knowing I won't be around for the busy season. Ooops.

So now it is getting through the next three days before the big US.

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ame i. said...

Good for you! You've done more than your share of puttinupwiththacraposity (good made-up word, eh?) in my opinion. They can kiss my behind on your behalf.
Wishing you the best, keep on cookin that baby, lady!