Friday, September 26, 2008

Pe and the Brewer's Diet

Oh for God's sakes how does this diet continue to proliferate expecting boards and midwive circles? I just don't get it. When you have a body that already is compromised with impaired kidney function and it can't process the protein that it already has. Please tell me how MORE protein will help? Oh but my midwife told me it will....... Drs don't know anything. Honestly, do yourself a favor and don't count on some stupid diet to save your life that was from 40 years ago and has NEVER EVER been able to be replicated. Seriously. Can you find ONE study that has been able to replicate the Brewer's Diet? Is that why ALL the MFMs and perinatologists are running to it and saying please do this diet? No. NONE of them recommend it. Yes while pregnant you should eat healthy. If you are going to get pe, you are going to get it. No diet in the world is going to help you. Yet this diet continues to proliferate itself over and over. I cringe when I see oh I am doing the Brewer diet and my midwife says she nevers see PE when this diet is done. Honey, that's because midwives deal with LOW RISK women. Low risk women typically don't get PE. If you have PE and you are seeing a midwife, you better get your butt to an OB. Preferably a MFM or peri. I have nothing against midwives. There are lovely midwives in my ob's office. They are wonderful and do low risk interventions for birth. For me, I need someone that went to med school as I am high risk. There is a reason that a midwife has to have an ob back her up. I had one poster tell me that I should see a NP or a midwife because they know more than ob. Then a few posts later she told me that she was a midwife apprentice. The next thing was a question on protein and kidneys. ACK.

For God's sakes, please stop telling me that if you take calcium and magnesium you won't get it either. I can't tell you how many posts I see that say magnesium prevents pe. No dear you have it wrong. Magnesium sulfate (a drug that is given by IM or IV and is a combined med) is given to prevent SEIZURES. They are not the same as magnesium off the shelf in your local health food store.

I can't tell you how much it burns my butt to see these types of posts. If you don't get it a second time, it's because you are one of the lucky ones to never have it in a second pregnancy. So my question to all these I am doing the Brewer's Diet and it is going to prevent it blah blah blah, what happens if you get it again? What happens if you get it worse because you took in MORE protein and your already compromised kidneys could not handle it? Whose fault is it then? I just hope no woman dies because of it.


Sarah said...

You preach it my PE sister!!!!

PE Mommy said...

The sad part is if you try to give them references to recent studies on aspirin, calcium, antioxidants, the brewer's diet, they all pull out some study that is antiquated that they got off webmd, medicinenet, alternative medicine and claim it as the bible. UGH. I have decided to not even deal with these kind of posts anymore cause you got every bradley loving, midwife loving (realize there are different requirements in every state for midwives - to include lay midwives that do not have schooling), gronola crunching lady out there that say oh but this person didn't get it. PULLL LEEEZE. I swear if ONE more person tells me I need to eat protein and cut my salt intake to prevent pe, I may have to smack someone. It INFURIATES me to get this kind of comment while pregnant or not pregnant. ACK.

Aidan's mom said...

I always leave them pretty speechless when I explain that I followed Brewer's and still got pre-e at 23w 5d and HELLP syndrome at 27w 6d necessitating the delivery of my severely IUGR 1.5lb son.

Btw, since I don't want to leave you hanging. DS is 3 and doing great.

Glad I found your blog. Adding it to my RSS feeder and will try to catch up on your history.

Hugs sister! Keep preaching!

PE Mommy said...

I'm so glad he is doing well!!!! I did it in my last pregnancy and still got sick. Blech.