Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lots happening...

Well I had my ob appt on Thursday. Gained 5 lbs. EEEK. Good Charleston food huh. Bp was ok at 123/88. He said my log was better than it had been. I said much better considering those high numbers before were me laying flat on my back. These new numbers were me running around. He measured my stomach. I felt like I had passed a goal where I get my stomach measured. Hooray!!! He said everything look good. As far as 24 hour urines, we won't be doing those unless my bp goes wonky again or I start dipping protein. So keep your fingers crossed. He's going to see me in 4 weeks. I see the peri in 2. So I think between the 2 of them, I'll be seeing someone every 2 weeks. YIKES. Oh and I almost passed out in the office. I had to ask about how to come off the prometrium and waited to ask him. When he came out to get me in the waiting room, I went to stand up and almost passed out. I had to sit back down. He said WHOA. I said I'm ok and got back up again. The prometrium I am weaning off of. He said he didn't think it would do preterm labor. Well guess what happened today? Started contracting at 9am. YIKES. Called him. He told me off my feet and drink drink drink. They finally stopped at 230. Thank God, they were freaking me out.

Work SUCKS. I can't wait to go out on maternity leave. When I last wrote, I had missed the referral list by a few weeks. In fact, my bosses COULD reannounce it so I could make the list. Well it doesn't look like they are going to do that. My current boss says on one hand I should be pissed. On the other hand I should be a good sport about it. Yeah, NOT. I got the feeling that she is not telling me something. Meaning I was never going to get it. Which is fine, because I have already told them to teach all of these new people themselves. I am NOT doing it. Why should I have to train people that get paid more than me? I mean for 8 years I have busted my tail there. I have constantly trained people higher in grade than me. I have constantly picked up the slack of correcting other people's work and everything. They have me out supervising and shadowing other employees. I said I am done. I am not doing this anymore. I refuse to bust my tail and not get anything for it. It cemented me looking for another position. This agency is the most immoral whacked out place and I am not doing it for longer than I have to. Now please don't let me be there 1o years from now. I see the peri in 2 weeks and I am going to ask her when I should plan on going out of work. I think I am just going to go out on leave and not return till May. LOL. That will give them 6 months to work it. I'm just done. I care, but not enough to bust my tail.

Last, please give your prayers to dh's aunt and uncle's family. We got the sad news that she passed this morning. Her family needs all the prayers that they can get. They were a pretty close family and she was the glue that held them together. I hope she sees Aunt K and Peyton up there. It's one more auntie to help with Peyton.

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