Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peri Appointment Today

Well there is good news and bad news.

The bad news:

My shellfish allergy has nothing to do with being pregnant and is permanent. This alone makes me want to cry. I would give up chocolate to be able to eat shellfish. I have decided after this baby is born, I am seeing an allergist to find out how bad it really is and to make sure I can never eat it again.

The baby has notching (mild) on the right uterine artery. I thought something was wrong because she had a lot of trouble with it. However, the other US tech and my peri confirmed it. My peri told me that combined with my history that means I will definitely have issues whether it be PIH or PE. Most likely PE. However, I have been through it before. She told me I have excellent doctors and that they would be aggressive in managing me and would be watching me like a hawk. They know that I am more at risk. She didn't go into all of the whole notching thing with me. I know some about it. I know it is an increased risk because the placenta doesn't get enough bloodflow. From the research that I did today, she must have seen the notching and saw a higher resistance index. So I need to ask my ob what the resistance index was. Or maybe I'll call and ask them how high the resistance index was. The good news is it was only the right side and the left side looked great. If it was bilateral it would be much much worse. She said her hope was to get me to 35 weeks to deliver with my dr at my hospital. My hopes are much higher, oh say 37 weeks or maybe God willing 40 weeks. My girls were a good size, so she is hoping this baby will be too. She is pleased that my ob cut my work in Buffalo to only 3 days a week stick with that for now. I told her I had planned to be able to go out on leave at 26ish weeks because that is when they said I would probably go out on bedrest. I was all set up for it. She said GREAT. So it looks like this baby will probably be coming in early January. I hope not. I want to stay pregnant as long as possible. My bp was 122/74 in the office. My ob and I have a LOT to discuss in 2 weeks. I will be making my list for him. She said the good news was, I am not advanced maternal age (hooray, yeah I only made that cutoff by 2 months), I am not diabetic. These are very good things. She asked about protein when Kirsten and Sara was born. I told her with Sara it was hit or miss. Trace here, negative here, 1+ here. Negative at delivery by dipstick. With Kirsten it was over 5000 mgs. She said Kirsten was definitely severe preeclampsia. I said that's what my paperwork says. She said with my history and the notching I will definitely get sick. It just depends when. However, I knew this before getting pregnant. I also have excellent doctors. We will prepare for it and be ready.

The good news:

Baby is very healthy and active.

This baby is a GIRL. Yep. Can you believe it? No MS or anything with this one. She is a girl. I could not believe it.

So that's about it. I go back to the peri at 28 weeks on 11/21/08. I will see her every two weeks till 32 weeks. Then I will see her every week till delivery. We will be doing kick counts, bpps, nsts, doppler blood flow studies, etc. I'm not sure when biweekly or weekly appts will take place with my ob. I imagine he'll start seeing me weekly at 26-28 weeks. I am going to see if he would do extra nst because Sara was fine the day before and the next day had decels. So that worries me. Fun times are here again.

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