Sunday, February 3, 2008

10 weeks 6 days

Well I am 10 weeks 6 days. Morning/all day sickness has eased up. I still have to eat every couple of hours. I still gets some qeasiness but nothing like before. No news much except I am over the severe case of bronchitis, thank goodness! Bp has been up all week though. Running 120s/90s and then had two days off 101 and 102 on the bottom!!!!!!! So I took it easy all weekend and it dropped beautifully to 117/82 and 113/80. 6 pm reading was 120/91 after running all over town. So I am going to talk with my ob on the 15th and request part time work at home one to two days a week. All he can say is no.

Took S. to the pcp yesterday because her excema is terrible. It is all over her legs, going into her back and starting to get underneath her arms. The dr prescribed a super steroid cream for her and baking soda baths. We have already stopped using all soap products on her. Dr said that baking soda is a gentle cleanser and can be used as Dove even makes it worse. Dh is having the hardest time with this as he believes more is better. She asked about my bp and I told her it was going up. She said it was time to up the meds. But I know my ob won't do that at this stage. He would rather "maximze rest" as when you up the meds your body gets used to them. So I am really hoping he allows me to work from home a day or two each week. Plus saves me in gas costs. ;)

Dh is scheduled to go TDY 7/8-8/19. Don't ask me why he volunteered for this crap because he is a man. So he told the command he would be unable to go (he is civilian so don't think he is ditching military duty). They said ok, but want a dr's note (because he told them I would get one with no problem. I said I MIGHT be able to get one) to excuse him and stop the spanish inquisition. So I asked our pcp. She said for me to ask my ob because he knows my complete obstetric history. She said if he won't do it, she will. But she wants the exact wording needed because the military is picky. So I know if my ob declines, she will do it. I just hate having to go ask for it. I really po'd at my dh for putting me in that position. So I will ask my ob for that at the next appt as well.

Besides that everything is ok. We are extremely busy at work. I have 25 hours of comp time scheduled. If I work all of it, it brings me to only 60 hours to make up (down from 110.5) to have full paychecks from June 22-Oct 6th. Anything extra, is just icing on the cake. I'll have those 60 hours knocked out by the end of March.

I am disappointed that I am going to have to start working from home parttime (NOT). I really didn't expect to do this till April at the earliest. Looks like baby has other plans.

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