Sunday, February 10, 2008

No news is good news

Nothing much going on. It is like ZERO degrees outside tonight. I totally dislike the cold. I wish it were summer. Left work early on Friday because I had this awful stomach and back pain. See I kept putting it off and saying oh it's a pregnancy thing. Well guess what? It wasn't. Had a raging UTI that had actually started to turn into a kidney infection. YEAH another 10 days on antibiotics. I told my pcp, you realize I have been on antibiotics almost my whole first trimester and she laughed and said yes. Darn immune system, when will it kick in??? OMG, I did not realize they hurt as bad as they do. Ouchies. But feeling much better now I got those antibiotics on board.

My online group, I ended up joing back on. I decided I wouldn't let a few people push me away and I do have wonderful friends on it. I tell you, there are a group of about 10 people on there that are just mean, ruthless, and don't have anything to do with their lives. One woman I sent an email to and politely asked her to please not contact me by email again. So she said likewise. Thought we were adults. She then proceeded to stoop to the level of a child and start sending nasty private messages to me. I asked her to please stop we are adults. Her response. I don't have to because it is a free country. I can do what I want. Now who as an adult says that? I finally figured out how to just block her. I am sure it totally pissed her off when she got the message that I blocked her. So then she decided to write a really nasty post about me and a few people gave her the save it and grow up.

Oh and I am totally excited. has all 4 seasons of lost on their website. I know what I am going tobe doing on bedrest, catching up on Lost. I was so excited to discover tonight that Brothers and Sisters was a new episode tonight. YEAHH. The writers strike is almost over. THANK GOD. Now I can see something besides awful reality tv. Oh and there is a new episode next week YEAHHHHHHHH!

Friday I see my ob. He has to check my urine again to make sure this infection is going away. Must have been bad if my pcp wants a recheck. I told her we are about ready to have me move on seeing. She said no need for that yet.

Watching the news right now. I may have to work from home tomorrow. Said weather is bad. HMMM, I do have my laptop home with me this weekend!!!

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