Sunday, February 17, 2008

12 week 4 day appt

Well my bps are trending upward. Before pregnancy 110/70s. After BFP till 10 weeks, 120s/80s. Since 10 weeks 120s-130s/90s with a couple of 100 hits. My ob looked at them and was huh. If you look at my log, my bps are clearly down on the weekends. Then they start going up on Mondays. They continue to climb higher throughout the week. So I told him I do not want to up the meds at this point. I would rather take a work at home day. He knows I can go to full time work at home. So he agreed and wrote me a medical note for 1 day a week work at home. He specified that he wanted it done on Wednesdays. He didn't write that on my note, but if I need to I will call back and have him do it. I don't think I will need to though. I am to call if I have a couple of days of 100 diastolic. He said we will figure out what to do next, add a med, change the med, up the med, and or add more work at home.

On to appt news. I turned bright red when I realized my stomach was growling so loudly. I knew my dr would be trying to find the heartbeat with the doppler and it would be amplified. Of course it was. My doc said gee you better feed that kid. I was like I do, I gained a whole pound this month. LOL. He of course couldn't find it, so off to get the US. We did see it on US and discovered the placenta is anterior again. Man I must make kickass placentas cause even I could find it was so big! It looked like it took up half the uterus. So that's why he is not hearing it yet. We went over my peri appt a bit for next week and he wrote me a rx for that. He said it was for growth and because of my history and everything. I asked if I would still get the big 18-20 week US at the hospital and he said absolutely. Fetal structures at this age are hard to see, so I still get the big one. YEAH cause it is 4d. I can't wait for that one.

He went over the MAFP test. He asked if I wanted it and I said yes. I think he thought it was redundant because I will be having the genetic screening test next week at the peri's. However, I wanted it for a different reason than what he thought I wanted it for. It has been shown that it can be a soft predictor of pe if the result is a false positive. I think I will tell him that next time and see if he knows about it. I checked the studies last night to make sure and yep, definitely a soft predictor. Hey a girl needs all the info she can get. He kept asking me are you sure and yes I am sure. So he wrote it up. I am not really worried about costs. I am pretty sure my insurance covered this test last time with Sara. Plus I have 5k in my spending account. So I have money to cover the tests if needed. I intentionally put the max amount in it figuring I would be paying out the ying yang on ultrasounds and NST.

So m y next appt is 3/14 at 330. I need to ask what the schedule will be for me for 24 hr and bw.

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