Saturday, January 26, 2008

9 weeks 5 days

Well things are still going good. I have a severe case of bronchitis. YIKES. Saw my pcp on Monday and she added in a nasty vile tasting cough medicine. Everything was inflamed and irritated. She wanted to calm it all down. That medicine is truly awful but it worked and I am on the mend finally I think. S is getting sick now though. Go figure.

I called the peri's office this week. My ob wanted me seen at 14 weeks with them. When I called the lady said that they would be doing an US anyway so why don't I come in the week before to screen for genetic defects. I said will it be ok with my ob, and she said they would call the office for me. Ummm ok. When I did call they wanted to know why I was coming in so early. Then I told her my history and she said yeah, you need to be in early.

Other news, I was offered a promotion with a different agency. It would be a fantastic opportunity. I thought long and hard about it and TURNED IT DOWN. Can you believe that? I was insane. The insane part, I turned it down THREE times. They know that I am pregnant. They said they would work with it. I still turned it down. So the last time I turned it down, I said I thought it was a fabulous opportunity (own office - have cube now, much more people to share the work - 4 of us now, more opportunity to promotions, immediate promotion now, and much more). However, with my pregnancy, I had to turn it down. I just can't deal with the extra stress of a new job on top of a high risk pregnancy. My health and the baby's health came first. I asked that he please keep me in consideration for future positions. So then he emailed me back after a while and asked if I would still be interested if they held the job till October. ABSOLUTELY.

Then he called and said that they couldn't hold it. However, they have another announcement going out. They have 90 days to select and I would have 90 days to come there. Which would put it at an October/November time frame. BINGO. I said I would do it. He is going to keep in touch with me each month and call me when the new announcement comes out. WOW. This stuff never happens to me. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the lengths that they went to get me there. I am worried about starting at a new agency. My boss is aware of most of this except that I am planning on going there in October. She just knows there is another announcement coming out that I intend to apply for. However, I know what I am doing and what the rules and regs are. In addition, my coworker accepted the other position for the same agency. I mean they were going to work with my pregnancy, but I don't know them and how do I know that they are for real and not saying stuff to get me. At least with my current agency, I know that I can get work at home as that is agency practice. I know that I can get lots of comp time, so that I can take more time off with the baby. I wouldn't necessarily get that there. Plus, did I really want to be the new pregnant girl that is being resented by coworkers for not carrying her load and then being pulled out of work for several months. I felt it was a pretty wise decision on my part. I am young and I know that other promotions would come along. Really I want to try and do what I can that is right. Not that it matters much but this would have really put my current boss in a HUGE bind where she would have lost her only two employees. It also gives my coworker a chance to tell me what it is like there. I told her she better not tell me it is fabulous just to get me there and then I find out it sucks big time.

Funniest reaction of the week goes to our assistant chief. My boss was telling him that we would have to do our contracts in assembly line fashion. He didn't get it. He was like we'll be fine (thinking about other coworker leaving). My boss is like NO you don't understand, S is pregnant. I hear from my desk WHAT??? Are you serious??? How did that happen??? OMG. Then he started to hyperventilate. I felt like I was 15 and was telling my dad that I was pregnant if you kwim!!! He literally hyperventilated. I hear R put your head between your legs and BREATHE. Gee, guess I would be missed, lol. My boss said that she felt like she was a little girl telling HER dad something bad and she is 57 years old! He then asked me if it had been planned???? He said as the only guy in here and a fatherly figure, was it planned. WHAT? I said are you kidding me? OMG, that was just way too much for me. Don't worry, he recovered the next day.

Oh and I said something to another coworker who within 15 minutes had spread it all over the building that I was pregnant and had turned down a promotion because of it. WTF? She just reinforced to me that she is a little twit and as bad as it sounds, what comes around goes around and she is getting hers. I did feel bad for her but not after she outted another pregnant girl. Her job was an obligated position. Meaning that it was a permanent temporary position for 2 years where it was another person's position. That person went overseas. Which means he has return rights to that job when he comes back. The person that took it temporarily is out. Due to her antics - she thinks that she is better than us attitude, her constant rumoring and spreading stuff, etc, being very unpleasant to work with, no one is looking to help her out. She is eligible to retire so she won't be in the cold. Anyway, the administation told her that they had made the position permanent. Except they never did the paperwork for it. When she asked paperwork to confirm, admin told her that her boss can do that for her and he won't be doing it. Problem is my boss refuses to do the paperwork because she doesn't have another position to move her to. My boss says admin told you they made it permanent, they have to do the paperwork. Plus my boss is retiring. So really this girl made her own bed.

So good news. I am getting a new job in October that is a $11,000 payraise right off the bat, plus cost of living increase in January 09. A new baby. I think I am finally getting better. Oh and the nausea and puking have eased up. It doesn't look like I am going to be as sick as I was with S. YEAHHHHH. I don't know how I ever survived that, it was awful.

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