Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So today I was doing a little planning.....

I decided I was not going to let a little endo, adhesions, pelvic pain get in my way. While I am waiting to see the new endo/pelvic pain doc, I have decided to keep on with my plans ttc. Being up on the fourth floor last week and seeing the new babies. Well that made me definitely decide for November to ttc. So I did a little planning today. I am the one that makes the bread in our family. Dh helps but I make almost twice what he does. So I figured out if I got pregnant on the first try, where would 26 weeks be. Where would 35 weeks be. Then I used a leave predictor sheet. I figured out with out any work at home (work at home extends it out further!), and using my leave and disability. I would have enough leave to be out from May 24th, 2008 through the end of October. Course that means no vacations from now till next summer. But hey 6 months off is good too! I figured I can make my peri appts in the afternoon when I get off work since dh and I no longer commute. Before with S., I had to schedule mid day. Ugggh. Now, I can schedule after 2pm. My obgyn's office is open till 4pm. So I can schedule between 3-345 with him. When I go in for postop next week, I hope to go ahead and schedule my annual exam. If I get pregnant when I want to, I will be at the gestation they like to do exams on 9-12 weeks. They don't like before 9 weeks because of risk of miscarriage. So keep your fingers crossed. I am getting really excited about it now. I hope the pain/endo goes in remission with pregnancy, if not, then just one more thing to deal with. I'm not waiting for that to get fixed. Otherwise I could be in menopause. Oh and when I go for my post op appt, I am peppering my ob with some ttc questions. Need to know about progesterone, folic acid (folgard), baby aspirin, bp meds.

Anyway, when looking at my leave. I figured the worst case of when I would be off work with room for negotiations either way. I am eligible to work from home if needed. Anything that I get above that (later off of work bedrest or GASP a normal pregnancy, that's gravy baby).

Dang do I got babyitis bad. Too bad my dh is leaving for a month. I would be very tempted to try RIGHT NOW.

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