Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lap Results

It came out as a big fat zip. Everything was completely normal. No endo lesions and no adhesions and no answers to this pain that drives me crazy at times on the right. The good news is that since everything is completely normal, I am good to go to ttc in November. I did definitely decide on November because I saw all those cute little babies being pushed back and forth while I waited. So on one hand there was good news, all normal. On the other hand, I don't have an answer. When I saw my obgyn earlier in June, he said he was going to refer me to a general surgeon if he didn't find anything. I don't think that is the way to go. I am going to ask for an out of network referral to a dr that is an International specialist in chronic pelvic pain. He is right in my backyard. Great right, except he is out of network and it would cost me a LOT of money to see him. There are no pelvic pain specialists where my insurance is located. So this may be a plus. Not sure how my obgyn will react to that, but he's a pretty reasonable man. If I can get an out of network referral, my insurance will cover the cost as in network. I have gotten out of network referrals before when K was 2 for a pediatric endocrinologist because there was a 9 month wait at the other children's hospital. It was for the hospital that I wanted.

So where does this put me. I absolutely do not want to do anymore laps/surgeries/procedures. I just hate general anesthesia. I do have to say as laps go, this was not bad. My dr kept all of his promises to me and it was MUCH better this time around. They gave me an iv anesthesia instead of inhaled this time. He said he was going to order a steroid (not sure if he did). I was given plenty of pain medicine (Toradol rocks). I had great nurses. I woke up feeling kind of icky. The nurse in recovery said rate your pain and I said 6. Sounded good. She gave me a pain killer, not sure what though. Probably toradol, but it didn't burn so maybe not. The nurse on the 4th floor gave me sierra mist instead of juice. I drank a few sips. She turned out the lights and said sleep it off dear. She let me stay as long as I needed. She also at the first sign of nausea gave me a reglan shot. Then I said I was ready to go home. Really wanted to sleep in my own bed. She offered a pain killer and I thought sure. More Toradol. So my dr kept his promise and he gets kudos for that.

So where to go from here. I guess I can get an appt with that special dr. Probably will take a few months and I am going to call this week to check into that. But I do not want it to interfere with my ttc plans. If it is endo, hopefully it will put it in remission while pregnant. My fear would be it would get worse. Then what would I do. The other thought is adenomyosis. The only way to tell that is a hysterectomy. I talked to with my neighbor's daughter tonight and she had adenomysis. Same exact symptoms. Heavy bleeding during periods with clots (ME before Loestrin continuously), heavy cramping and awful sharp stabbing pain. I looked it up and sure enough those are symptoms. But how do you diagnose it? You have to have a hysterectomy. I am just not ready for that yet. I still need my uterus. All of her tests, scans, and she had a biopsy of her uterus were all negative. The report for path on her uterus at hysterectomy, extensive adenomyosis. I think I will try and see this specialist first. I plan on printing out his webpage. I am positive my dr has heard of him. If he hasn't he lives under a rock. But he is up on the latest stuff. I know he tried looking hard because I have a circle bruise around my belly button, kind of like the outline of a lid on a counter.

Oh and saw my ortho down there too in the OR. What are you doing here? I work here. What are you doing here. Ummm another lap. Boy you can't catch a break can you. NOPE. Maybe God is punishing me now and I'll have an easy stress free pregnancy??? I do know that with my knee and nothing showed up on xrays and scans, my ortho told me, that if he did a scope and didn't see anything wrong, it didn't mean that they didn't believe me, they just couldn't see it. Fortunately/unfortunately there was a LOT of stuff wrong when he went in. Too much. Endo is a tricky diesease because it can hide underneath tissue layers and be deep rooted or microscopic. So it doesn't mean its not there. Just not visible. Recovery has been much easier with no infection brewing underneath and no puking.

I just don't want this interfering with ttc. DH already says he is too old. It took some convincing on my part to have a third child. So it is now or never. I feel like I am getting to old. I already have enough problems being pregnant. I don't want to have the label AMA (advanced maternal age) and be stuck with that. Which means I have to get pregnant within the next year. So it will be interesting to see what will end up happening and how this plays out. At least I am comfortable on motrin and then if it is bad lortab. Just wish I had an answer so when someone says what is wrong with you, I can say yes I definitely have xxxx and that is why I have issues.

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