Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I got in with the specialist!!!!!!!

Ok, so I sent off my little questionaire for the special pelvic pain and endometriosis doc. I called today to find out I was accepted as a patient. My appt is scheduled for 10/5 at 2pm. The earliest appt was 9/28, but last is the last day of the fiscal year. No can do. Darn. I have to bring post op reports and what records I have with me. I guess I need to sign a form at my obgyn's office to send my records. K had to go to Dr. L yesterday because she had a wicked spider bite. It literally ended up being about 5 inches by 7 inches big. Enormous. Dr. L put her on prednisone and a special steroid cream. It has cleared it up quite a bit. She had an allergic reaction to the bite and that was why it was so bad.

While we were at it, she was really surprised to hear my lap was normal. I am pretty disappointed that Dr. E didn't find anything. Everything was normal. It still doesn't answer what is going on. I told her that Dr. E wants to send me to a general surgeon. But I feel that I don't need a general surgeon. Besides general surgeons like to cut! She agreed that I didn't need a general surgeon. I told her about this specialist I found. She had never heard of him before. She wondered if Dr. E had heard of him too. She said that if Dr. E would not give me the out of network referral she would. I knew that she would, but I was surprised that I did not have to ask for it. She just came right out and said, he won't give it to you, let me know and I can help you out with that. She said she had several patients in my position with excruciating pelvic pain and awful periods. She said that she would like to know my experience with him because if I like him (she knows I am a nerd, yes, I check my drs out through a state website and I ask around), she wants to have a doc to refer patients to. This new dr is in a referral based practice for abdominal and pelvic pain. I am going to keep all my other stuff with Dr. E and then Dr. H can handle the pelvic pain issues. I really hope he can help. As I told Dr. L, I like what he has to say in my paperwork. He is the dr of last resort for many patients. He says if you hang with him, he'll hang with you. He realizes you have answered a zillion questions, had a zillion tests, and had surgery. But he has a process that he does to start from the beginning and works through everything. AND he DOES NOT immediately jump to surgery. My appt is Oct 5th. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, life goes on. We are still going to be on track ttc in November come hell or high water. I absolutely do not want to be over 35 when the next baby is born. I want them three years apart. Then we are done. I always wanted 4, but I am lucky dh has agreed to a third. No way would he agree to a 4th. I have too many problems in pregnancy to do that. I pray that it will be a quick conception, healthy pregnancy, and easy delivery and post partum with a healthy baby. I 'm not sure how it will work with Dr. H, but if I still have pain in pregnancy then he and Dr. E can work together. It is not guaranteed to work the first try. It could take months.

I know I need to see this doc. Today was a miserable day. I woke up bleeding (think the surgery threw off by bcp and I think I got a period today). Uggh, before I even got out of bed I was popping Motrin. When I got to work I had to take Lortab to function. I have taken it every 4-6 hours since. I don't know how will ever get through going off continuous bcp ttc. It will be torture. But maybe Dr. H can help with that. I had to go to work today because I am working on a very important project.

So please please pray that my insurance company grants the out of network referral. I know Dr. L will work as hard as she can to get it for me if Dr. E refuses. But he is a very reasonable guy. If he was willing to refer me to a general surgeon, if I bring in my paperwork, maybe he'll be willing to refer me to this new doc. Well if he doesn't, I have taken care of that for him.

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