Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update to the woes.....

Saw my pcp today. Unfortunately she agrees that a lap is now warranted. I called and got an appt with her right away. She said hmmm, um I have to go back to my med school days for your gyn issues. You need to see Dr. E , but keep me informed. She said if it gets worse to call her and she will call something in stronger for me till I can get in to see him. She thinks there is now an adhesion and there and I think she is right. Today was easier on pain, but there is still quite a bit there. Enough to take meds around the clock. The lower incision from the lap in October has been pinching and pulling to the right. Unfortunately, there is pain and pressure on the right just like the old days. Except, in the old days it would let up. This is always there and has not really let up. It's not as bad as it was, but it is still pretty bad.

Called the ob's office for a followup appt and got mean nurse again. Turns out she is actually the office manager. Called for an appt and immediately the receptionist sends me back to the nurse. Grrr. She did NOT want to give me an appt. I didn't ask for it for the day he came back, just when he had an opening. I understand that he is a busy dr but I am busy too. Finally I convinced her to give me an appt. I actually had to tell her is there a reason that I don't know of, something going on with me not being able to make an appt???? She said ummm, no I am just checking his schedule. Finally she gave me an appt again at 145 on Friday. She said she will check with him and see if it was ok.

I was so steamed by this that I finally had had it and called the office back. Asked who the office manager was. Was told it was this nurse. Great, just my luck. I declined to hold. Then I decided that NO, this needed to be taken care of. So I called back. Got her on the phone and said you know this is the third time that you have tried to deny me an appt. Is there some issue I don't know about? Is there an office policy that I can't make appts? Is there something going on. Because everytime I try to make an appt you try to not give me one. Back in Aug, when I had an appt arranged to discuss surgery, you told me I didn't need that appt. We decided on surgery. Guess what, he found adhesions so I wasn't nuts! Then on Monday my pcp was soooo concerned she sent me to be evaluated for appendicitis. You told me to keep an eye on it and call back in a month. No way could I wait a month. Then you gave me a hard time about the follow up appt from the ER. What about today. I didn't ask to be seen immediately. Well patients from the ER need to follow up within 2-3 days. Ummm Ok, so that means I need to be followed up. Not that you will call me. Is there a problem I need to know about. No, everything is ok. Not a problem that I know of. Then why do you give me such a hard time? She went on to explain how he is really busy, etc. That they try to triage patients. That his schedule is jam packed even when he comes back from vacation. I said yes, but this is severe sudden onset of pain that started two weeks ago and has NOT let up. They say it is a ruptured cyst. We know that I am at risk for adhesions. The ER Drs are talking about that I need another lap. Not an appropriate conversation with a nurse!!! So if there are no problems, if I get pregnant at the end of the year and call and say hey, I got high bp, a headache that will not go away and gain 10lbs in 2 days. Are you with my history going to tell me to wait a month??? Oh no, we would NEVER do that. Then how would I know when you put me off all the time? Guess what I still have my appt and she better not change it. GRRRRRRRRR. She assured me that I could make appts.

So now it depends on what my ob says. He is pretty conservative. I don't know if this is something he will do. At first I was pretty shocked about needing another lap. But now, I am getting more used to the idea. A lap is not that bad. It just sucks for a few days. If he wants to get it done, I want to get it a move on it. Dh is going out of town for 5 weeks and I need to be able to function and chase after the girls. I can not deal with this pain for months on end. I am already scheduled off the first week of July for sil's wedding. This way I don't have to do any work that week. :) I either get it done before 7 July or I don't get it done till Sept/Oct. I don't want to wait that long if I have to. On one hand it's surgery with its own risks and benefits. On the other hand, we may be able to get an idea of what happened, they can get a look at my appendix and definitely rule that out, remove any adhesions that I may have, and take care of the issues. The other benefit means that he'll check my tubes and stuff for when we ttc. Get it all taken care of at once. I just hate the thought of a) infection - cause I got a uterine infection with the last one b) puking from general anesthesia - found out comapzene works well with this c) what if he finds nothing at all. I went into the last one on faith alone. Guess I will go on this one too.

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