Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Woes

Ugggh, where to begin. The last time I posted I had been in the ER for suspected appendicitis or a ruptured cyst. Well I saw my obgyn on Friday and he thinks it was a cyst. They are so hard to confirm. If you have a cyst, get in for a US right away, otherwise they won't be able to see it. I have now had 6 doctors say they "think" this is a ruptured cyst. Last night things got worse. I started having pain up the center right and to my ribcage too and tmi things south of theborder got worse. The big D word started up. This was after my obgyn's appt. Anyway, he scheduled me for an US. Then put appts as needed. Take that MEAN nurse. I don't need your permission, so kiss my butt. She wanted me to wait till June for this.

So I get home and it is getting worse by the hour. I start to get really concerned. Go back and look at my sheet for things to return to the ER for. Of course, now I have even more symptoms of appendictis. So I head back in. I was sitting in the waiting room just praying that I would not puke. Couldn't get by the bathroom because ONE family took up all the chairs in the Er part. So I had to go and sit all the way by fast track. They take me right back and first thing start an iv. Dr comes in and talks with me and he says this really sounds like appendicitis. Or it could still be a ruptured cyst. I got there at 945 last night and did not leave till 10am this morning. I spent the night. They did a contrast ct (fun drinking for that stuff and injecting your body with radioactive dye!), pelvic and transvaginal US, bloodwork, urine work, pelvic exam (yes again, doc said you have BTDT). They loaded me up when I got there on dilaudid, zofran, reglan, pepcid, iv fluids, etc. I got to do it again at 7am.

I have to say the drs, nurses, staff, were extremely nice. They would not let me do anything whatsoever! I told them I could walk across the hall to the bathroom for the US. First one required a full bladder, the second one required an empty one. She wouldn't let me do it! She said after everything you have been through, you deserve to be coddled. The same with the CT guy. He got there at 11pm the night before and was still running at 10am when I left. All night long he was running patients to the CT scanner. I felt so bad for him. He looked so tired. He kept checking in on me. He was so sweet.

It ended up that everyone says this a ruptured cyst and not appendictis. My lab work and scans came back normal. We think the cyst either ruptured fully on Weds or Friday. Or maybe ruptured partially on Weds and fully on Fri. The dr I had for most of the night said it was common to have severe pain for a couple of weeks with this. They said that they wish I had gotten an US on Monday night and we might have been able to see the fluid. I didn't get an US until 11 days after the initial rupture. The US tech said that this happens all the time. Women in severe pain from a cyst rupture and then they don't get into their docs right away (some wait and call like me and some call but can't get in), and they don't get an US right away. But they say I had the classic signs. So everyone is going with the cyst rupture (my obgyn, my pcp, and 4 ER drs). I hope that I NEVER have one again. It was worse than my pe pregnancies and child birth. I will take an induced pitocin delivery with a failed epidural any day over what I have been through in the last 11 days.

They sent me home with the same scripts as Monday. Seeing that I have Lortab and the Reglan. I am just hanging onto those scripts for now. I also have to see both my obgyn and my pcp in 2-3 days for followup. My obgyn, I think, is out of town. So I will see him when he gets back. I will make a double appt for K and me (her allergies are really bad right now). I asked why and he said BOTH drs need to be involved on this. For the bad news, the ER dr has suggested another lap as the next step to see exactly what is going on. He went into that my ob can take a look with a laprascope. I said hey I know what that is, I had a lap for adhesions in Oct. He said well I really think you need another lap. I don't know what my ob will think about that. I am not thrilled about the possibility of surgery. However, if my ob says lets do it, I guess I will. I am already scheduled the first week in July to be off, so I'll just do it that week if he thinks it needs to be done. While he is in there, take out my appendix so that there can not be any mistake again, lol. Can obgyns take out an appendix while in there??? Don't know that is a question to ask him. On one hand I would like to make sure that everything is ok for when we ttc. On the other hand, it's ANOTHER surgery and I don't like surgery. I especially hate general anesthesia because I puke so bad. But maybe if this continues, we may need to take a look. And it is very possible that because of the cyst bursting, I have developed adhesions. It would also get a good look at my appendix to make sure. If my ob goes for this suggestion, I think he is going want to do it asap. We are going on vacation in three weeks! So much to talk about. I am really worried.

I am glad that the er dr wants both drs involved. I really like my pcp. Trust her with my life. She explains things so easily. She is a really really good sounding board. So I am hoping that we can discuss this and I know she will tell me her opinion. I believe her own sister has had three laps.

Dh and I have talked tonight about a lot of things. I really think get rid of the parts and end of the problem. However, we really want one more child. We will be trying at the end of the year. I think I have pretty much decided that after that baby, I will go to my ob and just do a partial hysterectomy. I want the uterus out (cause it causes me to many bleeding issues) and I want the right ovary and tube gone. No ovary and tube and hopefully it will be better. I do want to keep the left ovary because I do not want to be in menopause at 34-35. Dh agrees. I guess he was so happy because no uterus and that means no vasectomy for him. He's a big chicken. I am just so shocked over possibly having a lap again. But I know it is the only way. Grrrrrr.

Wow so much to think about in a short period of time and we are already so busy for the summer.

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