Monday, May 28, 2007

A much better day!

Today was a much better day. Still have some pain, but easily managed with the meds they gave me in the ER. I am making an appt to see Dr. L tomorrow. Time for a heart to heart talk. I am really really worried about having another lap. I know that it is probably indicated. I can't can't can't go through what I went through last summer. I am really worried that I have developed an adhesion where the cyst burst. The nausea is gone. I was actually able to do something other than lay in bed today. I powerwashed the house and deck. Still waiting for the wood on the deck to dry out. Then I am going to paint the floorboards. They were in desparate need. I'll also call and make an appt with Dr. E. They better not give me any grief over it. I also worry about if I do a lap (which I have done before and is not nearly as bad as the fear from it), what if they don't find anything? So many decisions and so little time. Too much is going on this summer to be tied down to endo, cysts, and adhesions. My sil is getting married 7/7. I will be glad when that is done and over with. We have been avoiding the inlaws because they are driving us crazy. I'll have to update with what the docs say. I was hoping to have some quiet before ttc again.

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