Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm am disappointed, endo is back I think

I had a lap in Oct 06 for endo. While my dr did not see active endo lesions, I did have adhesions that were new, they were thin and filmy. Ever since I had my S, my periods had been seriously whacked. I WAS a 28 day cycle girl, never had inbetween bleeding, and while I had some pain, motrin easily took care of it. I did bleed heavily, but not nearly as heavy as after S was born. All that changed. I should have known something was up back then. I mean 5 days after she was born I was seen in the ER for a severe uterine infection oh and I also got a lovely ecoli infection from the hospital too. I was on massive massive antibiotics. I had IV antibiotics in the ER, started on Lortab which I hated taking. Then I had massive massive oral antibiotics. I got the biggest dose of Augmentin one could take. Then 3 days later when it was determined I had ecoli as well, my obgyn added in the biggest dose of clindamycin that you could take. I spent about a month on antibiotics. While in the ER, the Er dr did a pelvic exam (very unpleasant at 5 days pp), but they had to check if I was hemmoraging. Apparently a urine sample full of blood brings up huge signs of something bad. While in there he pulled out huge huge clots that were near the outside cervical opening. One was the size of my hand. I saw it off the side, I felt him pulling it out and I heard the plop when he put it in the bin, and I saw the nurses eyes get as big as saucers. I had heavy bleeding but was not hemmoraging. Just bleeding a lot. They gave me a lot of drugs in the Er, pain killer, potassium, convinced me to take the Lortab, and bedrest again. I also got lots and lots of fluids.

Even with the d&c 8 days pp, I still bled for 8 weeks like a stuck pig.

Then was put on Seasonale and that just made me bleed worse.

Then another bcp and still break through. I began to have pelvic pain, lower right side. With my pcp's permission, I used leftover lortab from after Sara was born till I saw my obgyn for an annual exam. Each month more and more bleeding, and more and more pain.

Guess what? I think it is back. After many months of misery and constant bleeding, I had a lap. It showed adhesions. No I did not have a csection, nor PID, nor any infections, or surgery, or sexually transmitted diseases that caused them. I had no risk factors. But I had adhesions. Endo causes adhesions. Just because you didn't physically see a lesion doesn't mean it is not there. The little endo buggers are easy to hide and unless you have advanced disease are hard to find. I bled for over a month with the lap. But I was ok. If I had some pain, motrin killed it. I was good for several months.

In March, I broke through on my Loestrin that I take continuously and my prometrium. It was my fault. Mil was admitted for strep pnuemo bacterial meningitis and in all the hoopla, I forgot to take my pill. I paid for it with 4 days of bleeding and pain that was easily controlled with Motrin.

In April, I broke through again. BUT, it only lasted a day. Was a small gush followed by spotting. Pain was easily controlled with motrin. Not sure why I broke through. Take the pill every day at the same time. But I did as my dr told me and stayed on the prometrium.

May, For the last week I have been bleeding. Was a small gush followed by spotting. The first day it happened all of a sudden. I was fine during the day. Then all of a sudden I felt ill, sweating when it was cold outside, really bad lower right pelvic pain and lower right back pain. I took motrin. Didn't work. I took Lortab left over from the knee and foot. That helped. I went to bed. The first time since October I have had to go to bed from the pelvic pain. Dh had to put the girls to bed because I was unable to move due to pain.

The pain lessened considerably the next day, and I still spotted. I took motrin only the next day. Then Friday I got walloped again. Really bad pain, same area. Back to bed and back to Lortab and motrin. Same on Saturday. Still spotting. Same today.

So as much as I hate to do this, back to the obgyn again. I guess I will be calling at 8 tomorrow morning for an appt. I really hate going to the office. I really hate pelvic exams. I just had my annual exam almost 4 months ago. I don't think he will do a pelvic, I can't be too sure. Maybe he will up the prometrium, I seem to be breaking through the last 4 days of the pill pack. This totally sucks. I was hoping not to deal with this problem till I stopped taking all pills in October. I remember asking my dr what if it comes back when I stopped the pill. He said we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I am also worried that this may be an ovarian cyst that has ruptured. Maybe that is why I am bleeding. I didn't break through while on antibiotics for sinus infections over the winter. I didn't break through when I had knee surgery. Why now?? Why all of this pain. This is awful. I am really really considering just having my uterus taken out after the next baby.

We are going on vacation next month. Right around the time I have been breaking through. Who wants to be stuck in a cabin while everyone else is having fun. Not me. I don't want to spend a bunch of money to just hang out in a cabin.

This sucks. Now I am worried that I am going to be dealing with all of this again. If I am having bleeding and spotting now. Does this mean when I get pregnant again I will have spotting like I did with S?

I'll update when I see the doc. I doubt I will be able to get an appt quickly as I am not pregnant and this is a known problem. Quite frankly if I didn't have the pain killer that I had for my knee/foot, my butt would be in the ER cause the pain is that bad. I am just worried it is back again. So please pray that there is a reason for this.

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