Saturday, November 3, 2007

USC Beach Fire Victims

Please keep the families of the 7 students that died in the beach house fire from the University of SC and Clemson in your thoughts. It's a terrible tragedy. Anyone that knows me in real life knows that the University of SC is near and dear to me. I am an alumna of USC and can remember many times when friends and I would take off for a weekend at the beach. Something that has happened millions of times with millions of USC and Clemson students turned tragic for these students. To read the story, click this link -

While USC and Clemson have over a hundred years of rivalry between them, it has warmed my heart to see how both universities have come together in this tragedy. I really liked that there were 6 garnet wreaths in front of the Russell House and in the center was the lone purple and orange one for the Clemson student. Both universities are holding memorial services for all the students lost. We might fight like crazy in our rivalries, however, when it comes to it South Carolinians stick together.

The families, survivors, and the universities communities have a long road ahead.

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