Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big chicken and high bp

Ok ok ok, my pcp was right. Aldomet totally did not work. I went up to like 160/110!!!!! HOLY CRAP. I tried adding a 3rd dose in and it didn't work. I tried adding a 4th dose in and that didn't work. I tried doubling the dose and that didn't work. So then I didn't take it all. SAME EXACT FREAKING PRESSURES. It was as if I had been taking a sugar pill. After about a month of this, I went back to my pcp. It was 152/104. She said that those pressures are completely unacceptable. We discussed several different meds (atenol, labetalol, procardia). All are class c meds. So she said since they are all class c meds. We know that procardia doesn't work for you and gives you bad headaches. If we have to pick a class c med to go with, pick one that works. So I blissfully am back on the Ziac. She is going to call my obgyn yesterday or today and talk with him and let know she changed me back. I did research and couldn't find any adverse information on Ziac and pregnancy. We discussed the possibility of IUGR. But my girls had enormous placentas. So we think that with careful watching we may be ok. One thing wierd she asked me was did I ever see the nurse practioners over there and I said never. She said never? I said no, I always see Dr. E. I never ever see the nurse practioners. Told her when I was pregnant they could not see me and did not want to see me. So I always see the dr. She said hmmm. Ok. I think in the 3 years I have been going there, I saw midwives/nurse practioners 4 times (this includes a high risk pregnancy and the aftermath of endometriosis). I saw the midwife at 5 weeks and 9 weeks when I started there. They transferred me to Dr. E. Then I saw a midwife at 17 weeks and 32 weeks when he was on vacation or at a conference. I saw Dr. E every two weeks from 10 weeks to 26 weeks. Then I saw him every week from 26 weeks to 35 weeks when I delivered. I also saw him at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks, 3 mos post partum. Then I was in the office every couple of months for the endometriosis and the then I saw him several times for both laps. So not sure why she thought I would be seeing the nurse practioners??? I have never spoken about seeing the nurse practioners, only the doc. He's the one that I am comfortable with (well as comfortable as you can get for obgyn). Hmmm wierd.

It was very disheartening that the Aldomet didn't work. However, I knew it wouldn't. She said that her own obgyn said ziac was ok. Makes me realize that drs are human too. Sometimes I forget that. She said that when she forgets to take the ziac that it makes her feel like crap so she could only imagine how the Aldomet had been making me feel . I feel much better knowing that my bp is back under control. This will give the placenta the best possible chance.

I'm just going to stay on it until my obgyn says different. Then we'll have to discuss it. As far as the rest of the stuff. I stopped Loestrin on Thursday night last week. Lots of pain over the weekend. Slept on a heating pad all weekend. Took lortab and motrin. ugh. Af started on Monday. Very surprised that it has been light. It was always very heavy. I hope it ends soon. We decided to wait till next month to try. If I go by this, ovulation would be halloween weekend. Well I already have one baby's birthday in June. Figuring 35-36 week delivery. So we are trying for an August baby. We'll skip this month. Gives me a chance to figure out where the heck my cycle is. Pray that it works!

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