Monday, November 12, 2007

Another appt with the specialist

Hmm, not sure what to make of it. Anyway, had an appt with the endo specialist today for trigger point injections. Can I say OWWWWWW. Ok, NO ONE warned me about a big needle and an enormous syringe! All I could think was hey I have been through much worse. He asked me where dh was and I said I told him to wait in the waiting room cause he would freak when he saw those needles. The dr said that he has asked dh's if they are ok with needles only to faint on the floor, so it was good that dh chose to sit this one out, lol. I told him I got over my fear of needles by desensitizing myself when I had pe. When they come and poke you every hour for mag levels and platelets, and liver enzymes, you get over that needle fear quick. It's funny how bad I used to be. I used to pass out at the sight of them and I am a champ at them now.

He injected the first one and I let out a yelp. He said hey don't yell, you'll scare all my other patients away. Then he says just kidding! You did great. Most of my patients freak out and scream when they have the first one done. Seeing you didn't know what to expect, you really did great. I said well my pcp says I have a high pain tolerance, but I don't believe her. She said that because of my knee being torn up for so long and me saying well it hurts. She said most people would have been bawling their eyes out. My ortho said the same thing when he saw me walking without crutches a week after major knee surgery. I still don't believe them and think I am the biggest wimp I know. My endo specialist agreed with my pcp and ortho. We did the next two shots. They hurt but not as bad as the first one. He said if the pain stays away for more than 24 hours, it is myofascial pain. More trigger shots and PT will help fix it. If it lasts less than 24 hours, then it is endo and I should get pregnant immediately.

Hmm, last time he told me it wasn't a good idea. This time he is telling me that it is the best idea. Oh and he recommends hysterectomy after the baby is born. He said I should wait and put some time between delivering and having it done 4-6months because it is major surgery. However, he says that is for me and the surgeon to discuss. He said I can stay close to home and have my obgyn do it. Or he can do it and do it laproscopically. I don't know who should do it. He told me that my current obgyn is more than qualified. It would definitely be covered under insurance. I don't think he would get the endo out. Plus I have the little issue where he failed to tell me about the scarring on the operative report. If the specialist does it, it is out of network. I will probably have to pay alot. I am sure my insurance company will deny a hysterectomy out of network when there are tons of docs to do it. He said the biggest issue that I face because I am so young (who thought 33/34 would be so young??) is whether to keep the ovaries. If I keep the ovaries, it can feed the endo and make it worse. So only half the problem is solved. If I get rid of the ovaries, then I will go immediately into menopause. He said I would have to be on HRT therapy till I am 50!!!! Can I just get rid of one of my ovaries? Preferably the right one please. How about half ovarian function? Does it even work that way? He said I have an awful lot to think about and decide on. However there is time to do this. I never ever thought in a million years that I would be getting a hysterectomy. However, it needs to go after the next baby.

What I would really like to do is go to Oregon and see Dr. Redwine and Dr. Mosbrucker. Maybe after the hysterectomy and maybe for a lap. Any obgyn can do the hysterectomy. But not any surgeon can do a lap for endo. Even though I know it is right and what needs to be done and say I want this done. I think I may not be as emotionally prepared for it. I mean I have what a year to prepare? Some reason I think I am going to be devestated emotionally by it. I wish that I could reach out to other young women that have done this at my age. I don't even know why I will be upset. I just know that I will be. It just doesn't seem right to have all those problems pregnant and then this too. I think I am going to do some more research.

So how did the trigger shots work? They worked fabulous for two areas. However, the one area (the first one he hit) HURTS LIKE HELL right now. After the anesthetic wore off after about 4 hours, it hurt worse. So that one spot is endo. Right now I am still scheduled at the end of December for another round. Oh and the pregnant thing, waiting for the next round which should be in about 2 weeks. Pray we catch the egg!

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Regarding a hysterectomy, to become fully informed about what you may be consenting to, watch the video at and call HERS at 610-667-7757 if you have any questions.

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