Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well we went to my aunt and uncle's house in PA out in the freaking boonies. The girls were great during the ride there and back. DH did not charge the dvd player. So no tv. They survived. S managed to entertain herself by drawing on the windows with her foot. Yes, she was very much strapped in to her carseat. She is just that limber. K slept most of the time or tried to antagonize her sister. Me, well I have a severe sinus infection. It sucks. I get them quite frequently in the winter. I went anyway to my aunt's house. It was so nice because I am from the south and I miss hearing the "southernisms". My uncle is a fabulous cook. The thing is my dh likes my aunt and uncle much better than his own family. So he really enjoys the trip to see them too!

We didn't stay the night as I am a major Black Friday shop a holic. Even while sick as a dog I went out. I was at Penneys at 4am. I had everything done by 12 noon. I only need to buy a gift card for my sister and a Smart Jump Trampoline for S. That will really contain her energy as that child loves to jump. I swear she has Tigger blood in her. Anyway, slept all afternoon and night yesterday and slept all day today. This was not getting any better. I was getting worse, running fevers. I KNOW I needed to get on an antibiotic today and some prednisone. Called the hospital to see if my dr is on call. No. Damn. I figured that another dr that doesn't know me from a hill of beans would not call an antibiotic and prednisone for me. So off to the ER and Fast track I went. I hate hate hate going to the ER. It was ok this time though as one of K's friend's dad was the PA (B) that treated me. He just came in and said S what kinda drugs you need. I said whatever yo will give me. He said JUST KIDDING. No, we went over what my dr normally does (it sucks that she has been closed since Wednesday!). He ordered it up for me. Ten days of Omnicef and 5 days of prednisone (high dose at that). After a dose of prednisone, I am feeling a tiny bit better. The prednisone was only $1.79 on the Walmart drug list. YEAH. Omnicef was $35.00. OWWW. Hopefully I can start to feeling better to go to work on Monday. Oh yeah and B said that if I had waited till Monday it would have been really really bad as it was already bad when I came in today. The Tylenol severe sinus was doing its job with keeping the fever down when I checked in, however, by the time B saw me, I had started to run a fever again. It was only 3 hours after taking it too. So he told me to go ahead and take another dose when I got home.

I think I will ovulate on Wednesday. I started taking ovulation predictor tests yesterday. Negative yesterday and today. I really think last month when I tested on a lark that I caught the end of the ovulation because there was a second line and it was almost as dark if not as dark as the control line. So at least I know there is ovulation.

Well off to bed soon.

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