Monday, October 1, 2007

Lab tests are in!

They are fabulous!

Especially the 24 hr urine. Less than 6MG, whooo hoooooooooo! I was kinda worried about this one!
AST - 13 - low
ALT - 31 - normal
Uric Acid - 6.7 (cutoff is 6), it's a little high. Hmmmm. The nurse says it is still ok but something to watch when I am pregnant.
They will get the operative report ready for me to take to the specialist on Friday.
I'm feeling good about those results!!!!

So we have the all clear! WHOO HOO. I just realized that I have 11 days of Loestrin left. OMG. I didn't even realize when I started the pack, it would be my last pack. Please pray that the endo stays away and I have nice easy periods (Ok, wishful thinking I know, but a girl can ask right?)

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