Friday, October 12, 2007

Not a lot of news. ..

Well today was a bad week. I had so much pain over the weekend from just an exam! I get so irritated with health care blogs and ER nurses and DRs talk about people that come in (people with endo) just seeking drugs. I don't get it. I never got a high off of it. In fact they make want to puke and I have to take reglan with it. However, Tuesday morning I broke through on the Loestrin. By that afternoon, I swear I felt like I was in labor again. I actually had to breathe through the waves of pain. Paying attention to it. I think the specialist is right and I do have adenomyosis. Thankfully, I had some pain medication and used it. It worked well enough so I could function and not feel like I was in labor. The bleeding ended on Wedsnesday. I was going to finish the loestrin tonight, but dh will be gone when I am predicted to ovulate if everything goes perfectly. So I am delaying it by 4 days, so he can be here. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't "O" early! Other news, I bought 40 ovulation predictor and 10 early pregnancy tests yesterday. It's becoming a reality.

On one hand I want to run away screaming and on the other hand I want to take the bull by the horns and hit it head on. I am very disappointed with the aldomet. It just isn't working. It's like taking a sugar pill. My bp has gone up from 105-115/60-75 to 135-150/110!!!!!! Way too high. I even added a third dose of it. It didn't work at all. I tried going without for two days, no change in the bp. So next week I am going to put in a call to my pcp. I am hoping she will call my obgyn and let him know it isn't working. I would feel much better knowing that I had a lower bp on ziac than to let it go this high. I'm just not comfortable with it.

The refinance is going very very slowly. I am kind of po'd with the mortgage officer. I shouldn't have to call him a million times to get things done. He has only called me back ONCE when he said he was going to. I know he is busy but so am I. In addition, I told him to lock in the rate TWO WEEKS ago. He didn't and says he doesn't recall that conversation. Plus he put in that our discover card should be paid off with the refinance. He said that with a cash out refinance, that we could go to Hawaii on that money. Well that was not exactly true. One, the lawyer gets to send a check to the creditors, fine. Two, I wanted our home improvement loan and a different card with a high interest rate consolidated into the loan. So far I got the closer to agree to changing what was going to be paid off. I was so po'd when I found that out because I had asked him specifically about that. In addition, when I filled out the paperwork, I indicated I had a retirement account. However, I never had put a balance for it. Truth is, I have no idea what the balance is. However, my paystub shows the balance of what I have paid into it. Then it shows what my employer has paid into it. We don't get statements because it is self funded. It is tracked on our paychecks. Well he added those together and put it on our application! Then the bank wanted to see statements. Well we don't get statements. Supposedly they were going to accept this. If I didn't have money and so much time invested into it already I would yank it back. It's too late now. I just want to close it as soon as possible. So I have to call the bank AGAIN on Monday and find out if the retirement is ok. See if they will release what was needed for approval and give us final approval. Once that is done we can close. It will take the bank three days to close. Then we have to wait another FOUR days to fund. This should not have taken this long to do. They have been given everything the next day. I want to close as quickly as we can as fast as possible. If we close by Friday I'll be elated. I was led to believe we would have closed already. The paperwork to remove the commitment stuff and to give final approval has been with the underwriter since TUESDAY. Come on, examine, look at it, and move on!!!!!

The lawyer is still getting their stuff but assures me it will be completed by Monday or Tuesday.

Ok, so enough about that for now. The good thing is I have already received a request for how my experience has been. I plan to tell them ALL about it!

Now for a funny with my adorable 2 year old, S. She still loves her binky. I am not inclined to make her give it up when she just turned 2. I tried to take it away from her and she tried sucking on her fingers. Last night, I grabbed a beloved binky from the silverware drawer and noticed it had a small hole. This can not be good. I thought well I don't want to hunt one down, let's see if she takes it.

So we go upstairs and I go to rock her. As we are rocking, S says mama binky BROKE. I said your binky is broke? Yes S binky broke. Do you want mama to take it? No S NEEDS binky! How did your binky get broke. As plain as day, S says MAMA DID IT. Ahhhhhh. I lost it after that. It was hysterical. Yes this child of mine is as stubborn as I am. She went to sleep sucking on a broken binky. Any ideas????

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