Friday, September 7, 2007

It's been almost a month?

Wow I have totally neglected the blog. I have been crazy crazy busy. End of fiscal year. It all ends 30 September though. Dh came come from his month long trip, I'm glad he is back. I get some sleep now! The steroid shot TOTALLY worked. It rocked. And if I have any more issues, I am so going back for more. It hurt like hell for two days. Then on the third day it was like the heavens opened up and the angels were singing!

Saw the nasty IME dr. They cleaned up the office some but it was packed. Silly people actually thought he was there to HELP them. Not. Anyway, did what my lawyer told me to do which was arrive 5 mins early and leave after 30 mins. My appt was at 415. Of course, no way in hell I would have my appt on time as that place was packed. I told the receptionist I was leaving at 4:45. She rolled her eyes and sent me away with papers. I watched the clock. At 4:45, I got up and told them I was leaving. I made a huge big stink. 1) I was mad to be brought and hour each way from home for an appt that would deny needed medical benefits to me. 2) I was mad that I had to wait for this arrogant bozo 3) there were NOT enough chairs for all the peolple. They pull the dr out of the back office and off his cell phone. He said well you can wait 15 mins. Ummm no, You don't understand. My lawyer told you guys I was not waiting. I said something when I came in. I am leaving. Well ask the person in front of you (who was 30 minutes late) and see if she will let you go ahead. Um no to that too. This is your waiting room and I am not asking. So the dr goes out into the waiting room and says in front of everyone, can she go ahead of you. Since this girl just got there, she said yes. he brings me back and was being as nice as could be. So last time you were here Aug 2006, Oh yeah, that was the appt where you told me I needed no further treatment. Ok then I saw you again Dec 06. Ummm no I saw MY surgeon who did surgery. Well what did he find. That everything was torn. Well what did he do, partial menisucectomy, medial lateral release (umm that is very usual and used in worse case scenarios, didn't you mean a menisucectomy? Yeah I had that too. It was either cut through the tendons or replace a knee. He does a 2 minute exam. Then tells me as I am leaving that I should THANK HIS STAFF AND THE GIRL AHEAD OF ME? I thought WTF??? I thought maybe you should do better with your scheduling. I don't even wait that long for my OWN doctors, much less one that doesn't have MY interests at heart. Oh and he told me I should schedule an earlier time to avoid this next time. WTF again. He is lucky I didn't deck his arrogant ass. Ok so rant done with that.

Not so fast. I got a denial for everything except one final consultation with my ortho.... Then they get to bring me back AGAIN for another repeat of what happened above. You have to be fing kidding me. Funny how my ortho says it takes 18 months to recover from this.

I am going for THE bloodwork tomorrow. You know the one where I have to have the baseline before I get pregnant. I can't believe it is time already!!!!!! Oh the joys of the 24 hr urine.

I got my out of network authorization to see the pelvic pain specialist Oct 5th. Hope he has some answers and I like him. I have heard he is a good nice dr.

That's it for me!

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