Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing really new

Well today I broke through on the Loestrin and Prometrium. Hmm, I think it was due to stress, but it also came with that all familiar pain. So a lortab and motrin I took. I don't see how people and drs say it's addictive. The 10mg makes me want to puke! Thank God for reglan. I take the reglan with it and while I still feel a little nauseated, its not nearly as bad. I just don't get it how people become drug seekers on that stuff. I take it for pain. Helps pain and takes it away, but in the process makes me nauseated, tired, and can give me a bad headache (hey that's funny a painkiller that gives you a headache).

I am nervous about the appt with the specialist. I am really worried that he will want to do another lap. While he would be correct in doing his own lap (a specialist hunts for it everywhere as an obgyn goes in, takes a peek and closes up). I still don't like the thought. If he wants to do a lap, I want to do it ASAP so I can get preggo. Don't want nothing to hold up the schedule.

To help be in a better position, we are refinancing our house. Our loan is approved. Please pray that our house appraises out. It is so subjective but the mortgage guy says it should be ok. Our interest rate is a lot lower than it is now. If we get what we want from it, I am going to pay off almost all our credit cards. Wait 3 months and then refinance our cars for a shorter term and lower interest rate. THANK GOD we can basically start over. All this and our mortgage will only go up about $140 a month. YEAH!!! So pray that it goes through. I am anxious to have it go through now. This will definitely help us afford daycare for that third baby.

Other news, I did a baseline non pregnant 24 hr urine. I also did the uric acid, ast and alt too. I don't have the results but will ask my pcp when I see her on the 29th to change my bp med to one that is safe while pregnant. They should have copied her as well as my ob. I am thankful that I have such good drs. Hubby waited 40 minutes to turn my pee jug in on that Monday morning. He's a good hubby. He said next time he will get there when the lab opens. Yippee.

Off to bed. I am exhausted now. probably the meds.

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