Saturday, April 28, 2007

What sweet relief it is!

Ok, so an update on last night's post. I was miserable the entire night because the pain was so bad. I havn't slept in a week. I have been sleeping on my back on the couch (which is the most comfortable couch in the world!!) so that I could prop my foot up. Called the dr's office this morning and the secretary offered to have the doc call me. I said no I think I really need to come in because I have questions and stuff. Doc saw me. We are now back to it being fractured but not showing up on xray. She said clinically it is fractured. I asked about it showing up on xrays and she said it doesn't show up till it starts to heal. That takes about 3 weeks. She had ordered Ultram because there was miscommunication that the Lortab was not working. I said no it was working but wasn't killing all of the pain. So she upped it to 10mg to make me more comfortable. She also ordered a boot to immobilize it. We are going to treat it as a stress fracture now. She said a tendon/ligament would be healing by now and the pain less. My pain is right where it was on Monday. So we are working on that. I will call in a couple of weeks and get an xray. If the xray is still negative, then get a bone scan. She said that 50% of them never show up in a study. MRI would not be appropriate because it won't show it. So I have got much better pain relief. The 10mg of Lortab ARE working. My file was marked for an adverse reaction to Ultram. I get a boot on Monday to immobilize it. I call in a couple of weeks for xrays. I am a much happier person now. It was just some misunderstandings with third party communications.

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