Friday, April 27, 2007


So after my post about my wonderful pcp the other day, she hasn't been so wonderful the last couple of days. I am so frustrated. My dr called me Monday night after going to the hospital to look at my xrays and said my metatarsal was fractured. I had a stress fracture. The degree of pain that I have been having, I totally agree with that. Then the next day I called her because no one had called me from ortho. It is now NOT a stress fracture but ligament/tendon damage. WTH???? I explained to the nurse that this is excruciating pain. She knows. So they call my ortho the next day. Their plan is for me to WALK on my left foot because of the surgery I had on my right knee. They do not want me favoring the left foot at ALL. They are EXTREMELY worried about my right knee which I had surgery on in Dec. So after the nurse told me this I seriously asked her could I please get a shot of painkiller in my foot? Well didn't you get a painkiller? Um no because I had some leftover Lortab. I had 15. Now I have 7. Been taking it about every 6 hours. Ok. I'll talk with the doc. So the nurse calls back the next day (Thurs). She said they called in Ultram. Go look it up and it is for use in moderate to severe pain. Somehow I must have missed the allergy to codeine label but I found that out later that night.

Pick it up at the pharmacy. Immediately take one at 5pm. About an hour later, nauseated and NO relief from pain. Take another at 630pm. Could take 1-2 every 6 hours. Bad idea. It just made me tired. Then I threw up a couple of hours later. Did NOTHING for the pain. Took another one at 1130pm. Same thing. Tired, dizzy, threw up a couple of hours later.

The next day (today - Friday) call the office. medicine makes me tired, dizzy, does not work for pain, and oh it makes me puke. No one returns my call. So, I take it again. This time 2 at once. Maybe I need to take it more and get used to it. Again same thing. Absolutely no pain relief and vomiting. Lesson learned, no more of this med. Check google. Do not take if you have an allergy to codeine. GREAT. I am allergic to codeine. For some reason I could take Lortab (synthetic codeine). It looks like Ultram is a synthetic codeine. But apparently not the same as Lortab as it makes me puke.

Then tonight at dinner, we went out for pizza. Dh hits my foot which led to an involuntary scream by me. Yes, a scream. How embarassing. That's how bad you know it is is when you scream when someone accidently taps it. He was mortified because everyone stared at us. I couldn't help it. Did he think I like screaming for the heck of it. No. He tapped it. It was excruciating and bam scream came out. He says everyone is staring at us. I said sorry it's not like I could help it. Now do you believe me that this is extremely painful.

Why the heck when I describe the pain as excruciating that my dr orders something akin to super Tylenol???? I mad because I paid for a rx that didn't help one iota. Made me puke (which I hate more than anything) , and I am having to bug the daylights out of them to get something. NO ONE called me backed today. I called several times, left one message, and no one picked up on the nurse line. I am considering making an appt for tomorrow so I can get this resolved. I am extremely frustrated at this moment. I think maybe getting an appt tomorrow will be the best thing. But I am getting tired of seeing the doc. Maybe I'll move my office there. I also read that stress fractures do not show up till 3 weeks after the injury. It shows up when it starts healing. So it is entirely possible that I do have a fracture that is not showing up. I don't think it is ligament/tendon issue. I have torn both before and they were never excruciating as this. I really think I need a rexray in a couple of weeks and just give me something for pain. I hate taking pain meds, and I hate asking for them, but this time it is really needed.

But please pray that this gets some resolution. It has been almost a week of excruciating pain with no relief.

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