Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am such a slacker lately

Oh my where do I begin. Life has been extremely busy. I have been working a ton of OT due to short staff and lots of projects. So I have been getting home much later at night. Throw in PT twice a week, chiropractor appts, S getting sick, mil in the hospital, and well you can see why my poor blog has been neglected.

Mil came down sick with strep pnuemo meningitis two weeks ago. Two nights later, I pick up S from daycare and she was running a high temp. I never did get an accurate read on her because she would not cooperate. But suffice it to say that it was 100.7 on Tylenol in the ER and dropped to 100.3 with Motrin and Tylenol in the ER. Never did figure out what she had except it was bacterial in origin. She had iv antibiotics and massive oral antibiotics. Which gave her messy diapers. She is much better now. Thanks! Oh and so is Mil.

I have endo and had adhesions removed on 10/9 through a lap. I think because I had knee surgery shortly after on 12/26, that the pain killers from that have masked some of the pain from the endo and adhesions. I am fairly certain the adhesions are back as well as the endo. Even though my obgyn said he did not see active lesions, well he is just a regular obgyn and not a specialist. I think when we have the next baby that I am going to ask for a referral to an endo specialist. There is one out of network 30 minutes away that is a specialist and comes highly recommended. I had no risk factors for the adhesions. I also think I have an adhesion where the lower incision was made. It wasn't a big incision, but it hurts every now and then. Especially when I move in certain ways.

I am getting worried about going off my regimen for keeping the endo and adhesions at bay in October. Currently, I am on Loestrin continuously. Then Prometrium days 12-21 of the pill pack. My obgyn does not want me to have any bleeding at all. Bleeding = endo and more adhesions and pain. So the protocol if I break through is to start prometrium immediately. Unfortunately after almost 5 months of no problems. BAM, it hit me. Had pain on the lower right pelvic side. Oh it hurt. So I took some of my left over medicine from my knee surgery and that helped it. But I knew it should have been coming because the signs were there. I had three days of breakthrough. Prometrium stopped it and worked like a charm.

I have been off pain meds (motrin and lortab) from my knee surgery for awhile. I only take it once in a while when it is bad. Now I am noticing that the lower incision hurts once in a while so I am really worried that I am in for it when I stop the pill. Dr. E said that we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Plus I had all kinds of other issues for those three - four days that is TMI for here.

Wow not that long to go. Kind of scary. You know we have been waiting ever since S was born to try again. But now it is only several months away. Will I have panic attacks going in again?? I admit, that I have such anxiety in going to my obgyns office. Can't help it. It feels like a lead ball in your stomach and that you are waiting for the other foot to drop. But we have to have faith that things will be ok. This time I am sooooo much more educated. I know the right questions to ask, what are acceptable responses, and I know me and what is and isn't normal. I know my drs will watch me like a hawk. They have already stated as much. Well we are not getting any younger. While I like the idea of 4 kids. My dh says he is getting too old. My body hates pregnancy as my peri put it. So the next one will be the last.

I havn't checked my bp since I was in the obgyns's office for an annual exam back in early February. It was good. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was really really good. In five months, I will be changing to yucky Aldomet and running a 24 hr urine. I really hope that there is no protein in my urine. So all we have to do is get through the summer and then it is baby time.

I am worried about a lot of things. I have been given the clear on my knee. I can start walking again! PT graduated me tonight and sent me out in the world with a tens machine for pain relief. I don't know about that thing. It made my knee hurt worse tonight than it did before I put it on. Maybe I don't have it on the right cycle. I worry that my knee will never get completely healed. I worry that I won't lose the 40lbs that I need to lose in order to get the "good" disability plan at work. I plan on hitting it hard next week. Maybe K can ride her new scooter and S can ride in the stroller. I can't go far anyway. I worry about my leave status. Did I mention that I don't have alot. I really really hope to try and get work at home when pregnant next time. It would make life so much easier, but I know my boss will give me a hard time. I worry about finances. I worry about getting sick again. I worry about the baby's health and my own. I worry how my girls that I already have will deal with everything.

Ok, enough of the pity party. Time to move on. So I am not going to post my weight but I am down 4 lbs from 2 weeks ago. Not to shabby for not exercising at all or cutting back in food.

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