Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well I think I have taken about 20 tests and they are ALL positive. Still in shock that it worked the first time. Called the dr's office on Thursday and got a newbie at reception. She was reading off a little paper cause I requested an appt with my dr. She said oh it says according to the paper here that Dr. E doesn't see patients for first prenatals. GRRRR. You have to see the nurse practioner. She said let me get you set up with K. I said umm, no. I don't know her, can I see P.? She got off the phone for a few minutes, I presume to ask. She came back and said no problem. So I am set up for 12/26 at 2pm. I then asked will I get to see my dr after that? She said oh yeah, he just doesn't do first prenatals. Whatever. At least P knows me and knows I am high risk. She was there assisting the night I had S.

I saw the pcp today. I love her and the office. My girls love her too. S has a sinus infection and bronchitis. Wonderful. I have a sinus infection and pleursy. WHAT?? So then I told her whatever she prescribes has to be ok for pregnancy as I am 4 weeks pregnant. She said Congratulations, then she immediately asked me if I was getting a tubal after this one! I know she cares about my well being and that is why she asked. At least that is what I hope.

I told her I had been advised by both drs to dump the uterus after the baby is born. In fact, Dr H said it wasn't a question about the uterus going, but whether or not I get to keep my ovaries. OHHH, good. :< Hmmmm. She prescribed 875mg of amoxicillian 3 times a day. She wants to knock it out. She is hoping to prevent pnuemonia. Ugggh. I have the best luck don't I?

We are not planning on telling family and friends till 12 weeks at least. I have no idea how I will announce to the family. I think they will all be awful about it. I think the best response will be to take the higher road and state, the correct answer would be congratulations. Anything else said is none of your business and inappropriate. Keep it simple. Eventually they will come around, but they are not going to like this at all. However, they don't live our lives, pay our bills, and take care of our kiddos. So they don't get a voice in it. Funny how they think they get a say. My mil thinks this is ok. She doesn't say anything to sil and bil about their choices. So I need to get that changed.

I have a zillion questions for when I do finally get to see my dr.

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