Sunday, December 23, 2007

spotting, ugh

Well I was 5 weeks yesterday and my first appt is next Wednesday. Last night I started having some really light pink spotting. It could be normal or a sign of bad things to come. I think it is normal for now. I did way way too much yesterday. We held a GI party. You know, when everyone in the house pitches together to clean. I cleaned the whole upstairs. DH worked on the downstairs. He will finish the downstairs tomorrow after he takes S to daycare. A 2 year old makes it really hard to clean if you kwim.

Last night I noticed really light pink spotting. It could be implantation bleeding, me overdoing it, a lot of things. So I have been taking it really easy today and have had my feet up all day. It hasn't gotten any worse.

We are getting ready for Christmas. The girls are so excited, especially S. She is totally into the Santa thing this year. As far as telling everyone, we are thinking around Feb around Valentines day. I'll be 12 weeks Valentine week. Friends will be thrilled. Inlaws will not be. Oh well, their loss. Dh and I are actually dreading telling the inlaws. I mean, who wants to hear something that you consider wonderful and a miracle and have someone rain on your parade. I don't think we will get past hiding it past 12 weeks. I am already popping out some or maybe it's in my head. I did just win some maternity jeans and shorts off Ebay for $23. WHOO HOO. I found a bunch of stretchy knit pants. I have a lot of "big" shirts, lol. Anyway, I thought up a good response for the inlaws. Um the correct way to respond would be congratulations. However, since you seem to think that you have a right to inquire on this which you don't, the answer would be to not say anything if you can't say anything nice. We had to tell a little white lie because K is out of school this week. We don't want her to know yet. So we needed someone to watch her at that appt. So we told mil that I needed to see the endo specialist in Rochester. She knows I am not allowed to drive after those shots. So it was a good thing, ha ha ha ha.

The next step would be telling my boss. YIKES.

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Lizzie said...

I had "implantation" bleeding with my last pregnancy. He's now a 20 year old college student! Take it easy.