Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So it's really true!

Yes, it's official. I am so pregnant, lol. Had my first appt with the dr's office today. I had to have my first appt with a midwife. I asked her if she was running away screaming yet? She kind of laughed. Went over my history. 1st baby 36 weeks, severe pe. 2nd baby - 35 weeks 5 days, severe pih. The nurse asked me how many tests I had taken. Ummm about 20. She laughed. She said she always ask how many tests. They gave me some magazines that had cool pics of babies at each stage. Nausea started this morning. Not too bad yet. PLEASE GOD DON'T LET IT BE AS BAD AS IT WAS WITH S. IT WAS AWFUL. I officially got put into the high risk pool. I asked when I would be seeing the peri and she said between 14 -16 weeks. So I will start seeing her much earlier than the 26 weeks that I did with S. I can stay on Ziac for now. I am to start baby aspirin. ICK. Take vitamins and folic acid. She ran a pih panel along with an OB panel. I had the best lab tech. I didn't even feel the pin prick. She was so good. I asked her what her schedule was and she actually told me. So I told her be seeing you next month! The only bummer was that the midwife asked me if this was my last. Two, what was I doing permanently?? Ok, let's get past healthy baby and mom first. I know it is my reality. It just bums me out the same. I explained I would be having a hysterectomy. That Dr H and Dr E had suggested it. That Dr H had actually said it wasn't a question that my uterus needs to come out. The question was whether I get to keep my ovaries. She ok'd the steroid shot for my knee. However, she will be discussing with Dr. E tomorrow. Take and monitor my bp once a day, but don't go crazy with it. BP was high for me at 124/88. However, not too terrible and hopefully this time I will get the 2nd trimester dip. I also got the standard answers to common questions, when to call, blah blah blah. So my next appt is 1/18. I get to have the full exam. ICK ICK ICK. They cancelled my annual exam appt on Feb 15th because that will be taken care of on the 18th. So I am off to the races. Things are ok at this point. My first appt with S and K my bp was already high like 150-160/100-105 without meds. So I will take the 124/88. Oh and I also did a urine dip/culture. BLAHHHHHH. All in all a pretty good start.

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