Friday, June 29, 2007

Preop Appt

Well I had my preop appt yesterday. It went surprisingly well. I had a zillion questions because I have been through this before. I wanted to make sure THOSE concerns were addressed. Last time I was concerned about procedural stuff - you know what he would do, how it would be done, etc. This time I was concerned with vomiting from anesthesia, infection, catheters. My dr took his time and answered all of them. It was a very comfortable conversation, which surprised me. I guess if you have had this before, you know the drill right. So this is what I asked:

I asked about antibiotics prophylatically because I tend to get uterine infections (had it after Kirsten, Sara, and the last lap). He absolutely agreed. In fact, he is going to have them start an iv on me before surgery (well I was going to have that anyway), but he said he would give me a really good strong antibiotic by iv. Yeah doc!!! Most docs are like ooohhh no we can't do that but because of my history, he had no problems with doing it. He said it would stay in my system for up to 10 hours after the surgery and kill anything that gets in there.

Nausea and vomiting. He assured me this time that he will make sure that I am given everything they can. The last time the nurse said I had all I could (Reglan, Zofran) and that was it. I spent the next two days puking. My dr said if he had known that I would have had to stay. So he said he will order some steroids by iv to help with that. Something about that has shown to help. I asked if I would have to stay if I threw up. He said if I was actively throwing up, he would not let me leave and I would have to stay. However if I was just nauseated, then he would see how I was doing and make a decision then. Please no nausea or vomiting vibes please. I don't wanna stay over on the 4th of July!!!!!!!

No catheter if I pee as much as I can beforehand.

Biopsying the adhesions won't show anything. He won't be able to tell if it was a cyst that burst in May either because it's too late. He said with cysts, you have to get it the day it happens or the day after. Otherwise it doesn't show up at all. The only thing it is going to show is the scar tissue (adhesions) and he would just take it down again.

I can eat and drink lightly up till 5am. He won't move my surgery up so that I can have something to eat. I am the first case. There is a 2pm case as well. I feel bad for the 2pm person. I thought 1pm was bad. But he has appts in the morning. So I guess Tuesday afternoons are his overflow day.I can keep taking motrin and can even take it the day of surgery as long as I take it by 5am.

Bleeding, it depends on where you are in your cycle. it is not all that unusual to bleed for a month after surgery. I bled for 5 weeks the last time. However he was very surprised that I had no bleeding with my knee surgery. I said yeah I was surprised too. But no a drop from there. My knee was another story. Maybe that's where all my blood went and there wasn't enough for the other areas. He does want me to continue the loestrin continuously. It would cause me much bigger problems if it were stopped.

Think that was enough questions for him. I forgot to ask him if he was going to check and see if my tubes are clear. But he will visit before I go down to the OR for last minute questions. I'll ask then. I also forgot to tell him that dh won't understand a word he says. He just wants to know if I am ok. My dh is not being very good with this because this is interfering with his sister's wedding (4 days after surgery and yes I intend to go. I can't miss my girls being flower girls!!!). I have to get it done now or else wait a couple of months (like October) because dh is going out of town for work for 5 weeks.

Please pray that he finds what is wrong. I am fairly certain it is adhesions again. Some days I am ok but need motrin. Other days like this week it has been bad and has required lortab. Thank god for it. At least this time I have been kept more comfortable by my pcp. She has been more helpful with pain relief. Since she gives me no problems with prescribing it, I asked her to replace the rx that my dh lost that I had not filled yet. No only did she replace it, she gave me enough till surgery day and to for post op. God Bless her. My ob knows that I have a Lortab rx and is ok with it. But his nurse can be a witch and treats you like a druggie. I only use it when it is really really bad and motrin is not working. So keep me in your prayers. I am so hoping that this works. I am trying to cool off my anxiety about this. The surgery doesn't bother me. The pain from the surgery and incisions don't bother me. BUT the thought of when I actually wake up from the surgery is the worst. I hate waking up not knowing the time, or feeling nauseated. Pray that I get a good compassionate understanding nurse. I had a sucky nurse for my lap last time who did not tell my dr that I was nauseated. She didn't have me pee or eat. She wouldn't give me anything to drink because I would puke. My dr said if he had known that I would have had something ordered and he would have kept me (would not have like this part).

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