Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For questions on the Low Progesterone...

I have had some emails asking me how it turned out. Caitlyn Elyse was born on Jan 16, 2009. At my 12 week appt. my doctor came out and told me he was keeping me on progesterone till I was 17 weeks. At 17 weeks, I started to wean off of it. I was off of it all by 20 weeks. At 17 weeks, I started having premature labor. I think it was because of me coming off of progestesterone. Anyway, was on bed rest for that. Then continued bed rest for pre-eclampsia. When I saw my peri at 22 weeks, she did an ultrasound for cervical length. I was 2 inches. Normal is 4. My cervix was shortening. They kept me on full time bed rest till 34 weeks when pe reared its ugly head. They wanted to deliver asap. I told them she needed a few more days to cook. At my next appt, my ob said you agree to an amnio and we deliver or else you have an emergency deliver and crash. I chose the amnio and the next day I was induced. Cait is now a healthy and very active 5 year old who loves the power rangers and minnie mouse. I wouldn't change anything I did for the world. Without progesterone supplements, she would not be here. Period.

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