Monday, February 8, 2010

It's been awhile

Hello Blogland, it's been awhile. Wow. I can't believe I havn't posted in soooo long. Well let's see what has been going on. I started the new job. It is awesome. I am soooo much happier there than I ever was at where I was before. I was hired to write contracts for the services team. However, back in December another person at another facility retired. So I got moved to the hospital a half mile from my house (HOORAY NO MORE COMMUTE OF 45 MILES EACH WAY). I got my own office, with a door. Very exciting. The engineers and other people there seem to be happy that I am there. So my work life is great. I am now on construction and services. Let me tell you I am SWAMPED. I run all day long at work. I am much happier now.

In October, I had to have emergency surgery. My IUD perforated. Can you believe that? The ER was less than thrilling. I came in thinking I had a kidney infection. My urine and bloodwork was ok (that doesn't really mean anything to me because I am the wierd chick that can have that normal and still have a raging infection on cat scan). The PA, I wanted to throttle her. I was severely nauseated and had horrible back pain. Worse than labor. She gave me toradol and companzine. It did nothing. Then she said she thought I had a stone. So she wanted me to drink as much as I could. Hello, did she forget the part that I was severely nauseated? Then she comes in and says you are not going to puke are you? I don't know, I present with severe nausea and YOU have me drinking water. Just throw in an iv for pete's sake. Then she says, well I guess we can do a cat scan if you really want to rule out a stone. DO IT, something is WRONG. All of a sudden I am told to stop drinking. That my cat scan came back abnormal and my iud might not be in the right place? They kept asking me questions of when was it placed? May. Did anyone check it? Yes my surgeon/specialist and my ob. It was correctly placed. They leave to look at the scan again and I end up puking. Told her I was nauseated. Then I hear them call my ob. I am immediately admitted for emergency surgery. I finally get drugs. A nice dose of dilaudid and zofran. Hated the ER staff. Loved the second floor staff. They told me dirty jokes and made me laugh. I was the youngest person on the floor. Some reason I went to the cardiac floor. Oh well, those nurses rocked. My poor ob who got called at 2am was awesome. I think he was a bit in shock it perforated too. My estimate was it had been perforated about a month. I just ignored the pain of it till I couldn't anymore. My ob said it was only the second time in 10 years of practice that he had seen one perforate. Yeah, lucky me.

Miss Cate, our miracle baby is such a joy. She is a year old now. She is cruising (can't leave anything on the end tables), babbling and talking, and a normal one year old. Hard to believe that if I had NOT have gotten that progesterone when I did, I honestly think she would not be here now. The other two girls adore her.

Miss Sara is an active 4 year old. She keeps asking when she can go to kindegarden. I tell her in September. She is soooo active. She is totally involved in dance and playing with Cate. They are best friends.

Miss Kirsten is doing well. She is all excited that next year she will be in middle school (god help me now). She is active in dance classes and all of her activities.

We are planning a family vacation to Disney in July. Oh my!

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