Sunday, February 18, 2007

So what have we done to get ready to ttc?

I saw my obgyn for my annual exam - PASSED, yeah!

I have gotten what I can and can not take for meds.

I have to start prenatals in September with extra extra folic acid.

I was tested for underlying clotting disorders - passed.

I will be switching from wonderful Ziac to yucky Aldomet in September.

I have written out lists for what to do if I go on bedrest. - hire a cleaning lady, hire a landscaping company, daughter #2 is already in daycare and daughter #1 will be in school or daycamp for the summer, buy a freezer (to put away meals in for dh), and wireless internet (done).

Try and get back on work at home. I did two days a week work at home before getting pregnant with daughter #2. I had excellent performance ratings. I got so much more work done. However I accepted an internship position guaranteed to double my income within 3 years. The catch, I had to stop working from home because as my boss put it, it was a training position. That internship ends Oct 16th. I intend to get back on it. Maybe doing at least one or two days a week will help me out. The problem, my boss can not do it so she thinks no else can do it either. She says she will fight me to get back on it. As much as I hate to, I will file a grievance or an EEO complaint to get back on it. EEO because if I were pregnant, I would be allowed to do it.

Save leave. I have been working on working comp time to build up my leave.

Disability plan. I need to lose 35 pounds to qualify for a disability plan that will pay 70% of my salary tax free. Otherwise right now, I would only get 30% and that is a huge difference. The problem is that I can't exactly exercise till I get healed from my knee surgery. 2 days in PT a week are not cutting it. I totally MISS my walking and stuff! I really want to get back into this. I think I may be allowed to try and doing walking in April, which is not that far away.

I even went out and planned when my last pill for Loestrin will be - Oct 12th. If I start right on time, that would put me at Nov 9th for a period and Dec 7th for a period. We were thinking trying in November, but I am now thinking more along the lines of Dec for various reasons. I also looked at when would 35 weeks would be as that is when I have gotten admitted both times.

I am such a nerd sometimes!

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